I am listening

Talke to me...

Tell me why I'm up listening to The Weeknd at 4 am 🙄😒😫😴
Music is a broken bearts worst enemy, yet here i am, listening.
@ZeeNews Our PM is really really very claver. I am happy to listening all these. Although I was worried may be now people are fed-up.
bbc6music is now listening to I Am the Resurrection by The Stone Roses https://t.co/T4wkWtkegO
omg this drive to walmart is the first time I'm listening to the Hamilton mixtape and I am alive
two years ago today I was dying listening to 달빛 at sukira for the first time and look where I am now, a millions 달빛 more messed up
@ClareFrisby @BBCYork @JeremyBuxton @JerichoKeys I will try to help online this morning, but I am full of cold. Still listening.
The song I am listening now. 『I LOVE YOU(尾崎 豊)』 #nowplaying
It's 4:59 am and I have been sitting in my driveway listening to music for the last 15 minutes.
Why am i listening to this playlist smhh
RT @ThomasSanders: I am on this plane, listening to the #HamiltonMixtape and I am FEELIN IT. I am BOUNCING to "Helpless" and I know people see me.. IDC. 🙌🙌🙌
RT @GladyzShao: How am I just listening to hii nyimbo ya #Darassa ft Ben Pol now? Such a big tune , damn 👌🏾🔥🔥 and the video is on point aswell
@ITSALEXHENRY oooo i was a len girl and still am tbh, both kagamines are my favs!! just earlier i was listening to old songs like matryoshka
Am I listening to the #michaelbuble #christmas album while working on my websites......HELL YES. #bossbabe #escorts #feelingfestive
It's almost 5 am and I'm wide awake playing games and listening to a sesame rock disney..... I blame @JonathanYMusic
RT @comedic_popcorn: I've spent 12 hours doing nothing but talking with @aliceholmes23 and @jjdaznic while listening to P!ATD, I am dead!
RT @SuleneV: Listening to Iron & Wine on repeat and driving through the countryside. Who am I.
I'm sorry if I seem uninterested Or I'm not listening Or I'm indifferent I'll be here Somewhere in the corner... Oh god why am I here?
@HAIMtheband i am randomlly listening to holes in the sky and i'm so drunk and thank u for being so nice and meeting me in mx city
Everytime I hear Hammer going off in his commentary I think I am listening to @craiglandon06 all fired up
why am I listening to topshop music when I'm not at work😑
Good morning why am I listening to tmh this early
He tied you to the kitchen chair, she broke your throne she cut your hair. Why am I listening to Hallelujah