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RT @jijimbap: i just want jikook sitting next to each other during their fansign is that too much to ask sobs
Nån vet vilket kaffe man ska beställa och gör det så fort de ser en, man känner sig plötsligt hemma i tillvaron.
@seraphinekcr jangan risau. Masih boleh diasah balik. I rasa you tinggi ni. Hihi
RT @funisforlosers: I feel like Azrael's ridiculous giddyness about fighting Terumi should have been a sign of Terumi's actual nature. https://t.co/huQavTHgCX
RT @behindthehive: Yeah I wanna see them in a simple yet elegant number. We don't need it grand, we want them classy. TOMIHO SMB InDemandPair
Just because I'm not talking, doesn't mean I'm in a bad mood. Sometimes I just like to be quiet.
RT @colormymood: I'm trying desperately to hold on to something that doesn't exist. You're like smoke running through my fingers. https://t.co/LXddmDno5H
Wow..I really do hate you Who knew🤔me that's who♿️
RT @benadryI: i'm still awake and i'm still sad
RT @myrnalasala: "I have made the choices that work best for me. I know I cannot please everyone, and that's fine." #ALDUBWedding
RT @SyLvsT_R: سلطان حامس هذيل سقط بتاريخ 15\10\2016 قبالة حدود #نجران #الحد_الجنوبي https://t.co/j48jcn62WD
I'm a sucker for make up but i'm suck at it. Do you feel me
My shorty pettanko succubus oc Arianna nekkids, cause I wanted to practice shadeing some more https://t.co/up0udkzf9f
Listen My Last Set We'Er All Mad Here Online Right Now !! I'm On AIr!! https://t.co/wZue0ADAMl https://t.co/08veOt91WQ
@Smile_over_All y'all always hot last time I stayed over I was freezing under the covers shaking and mari woke up like "I was hot" smh 🙄🙄🙄
I'm foreva yo lil hustler 🤘🏾
There's a Salem, Ohio and why am I not living there
RT @mixersversion: The things I want the girls to do before xmas break: -attend EMAs and perform -Ellen show -performing at night American shows
RT @MrEmann26: God giveth and taketh away. He knows what he's doing. I'm leaving it in his hands.
RT @WORIDSTARHIPH0P: Wait... I thought she was really talking to somebody 😂 https://t.co/vTuCFArbpy
RT @plaidifancyouth: Dewch i weld criw @PlaidIfancLlan ar y stondin! Llanelli branch are on our stall this morning - come say hello!… https://t.co/zkXQZg8WMh