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I <3 Hiatus Kaiyote
RT @PinaysInShowbiz: I ♥ Marian Rivera’s 3 #OOTD This Sunday: Dainty, Playful, & Queenly https://t.co/erOfhDTHTL
i <3 cisphobia!
Chequen este álbum: One for the Road (Live) de The Kinks https://t.co/9clYVOwJdt @DeezerMexico I♥ Deezer
@CowellOnline make my christmas wish come true an juat let dem win the have it all 3 gud lookin men wiv voices a moves @5AfterMidnight i <3
If you couldn't tell by now I <3 KFC lol, Colonel Sanders is the best #Itsfingerlikingood
TheNiceBot: TheDarylDixon_ I <3 YOU. #TheNiceBot #MPN #DemiLovato
TheNiceBot: TheDarylDixon_ I <3 YOU. #TheNiceBot #MPN #DemiLovato
TheDarylDixon_ I <3 YOU. #TheNiceBot
Terima kasih mama. Sudah merawatku, sudah menyekolahkanku, sudah masakin setiap hari buat aku, sudah baik bgt sama aku. Mama I <3 You.
RT @TMobileHelp: @liquoronurlips Oh my gosh, I <3 Mariah too! She's amazing! We wouldn't want to see you go for something like that! Please drop us DM... 1/2
I ♥ E-Poetry Archives:: “Machine Gun Nest” (servilivres) by Erthos Albino de Souza https://t.co/KWWCCixYS0 #elit #poetry #dh