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¡Que buena canción! Juanes - Para Tu Amor https://t.co/HcTt9wUALl @DeezerMexico ♪ I♥ Deezer
¡Que buena canción! Juanes - Para Tu Amor https://t.co/ux8fTEDBDL @DeezerMexico ♪ I♥ Deezer
Fun fact: Joe Jonas once said “thank you” to a girl wearing a top that said I <3 JB. He didn’t realize the JB actually meant Justin Bieber.
▶[Soboru] I ♥ 춤춰보았다 (踊ってみた) https://t.co/b88IkfCMAj [141125] #bot
¡Que buena canción! Ariana Grande - Leave Me Lonely https://t.co/CKMVTw7G6x @DeezerMexico ♪ I♥ Deezer
¡Que buena canción! Ariana Grande - Love Me Harder https://t.co/AupPCMRgde @DeezerMexico ♪ I♥ Deezer
¡Que buena canción! Ariana Grande - Side To Side https://t.co/RsVVWmtBwh @DeezerMexico ♪ I♥ Deezer
When I played music with the other I♥B members for the first time...!
RT @geekgirldiva: Elizabeth Warren has zero time for Tom Price's shit. Savage. I <3 her. https://t.co/GujbhHBeeG
RT @natbro: i <3 reading about GC trainwrecks. https://t.co/5pwexwegRY
¡Que buena canción! Miley Cyrus - Adore You https://t.co/EovrgcOKFD @DeezerMexico ♪ I♥ Deezer
@_dnch I <3 my MS Sculpt Ergonomic mouse, but it’s not bluetooth. :( If https://t.co/40KIn4yVpc is even half as good it’s a winner.
I <3 shawn mendes so much :')
Justo ahora me encuentro al fin, ver tus ojos y saber que estoy #enamorado i <3 u Anett