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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/M4CeED8YC0 Color | 01 | De basis van color in Davinci Resolve 12.5
RT @dollie_london: Lifetime movies be good but I can predict the whole damn movie in less than 5 minutes🙄
RT @KapilSharmaK9: I am paying 15 cr income tax from last 5 year n still i have to pay 5 lacs bribe to BMC office for making my office @narendramodi
RT @OMAI_CTION: 0 4 l i m i t e d s a z a b y s 福 岡 1 月 1 5 日 e u r e k a ワ ン マ ン さ が し て お り ま す 。 拡 散 希 望 で ず
@ItsMayhem_ what happened? I had u70.5
RT @meanpIastic: How I will one day raise my children. https://t.co/wNfGmH2deM
I scored 5 on #HigherLowerGame. Can you beat that? https://t.co/ep4RAXoGMW via @HigherLowerGame first try score 5
RT @taylorzombiesky: I pre ordered #whoyousellingfor on google play as well, it's not even out but it's already a top 5 stars album haha https://t.co/0csg1Aq906
"I'd like a $5 dollar footlong"....."That'll be 7.55"....."Bitch what?"
I'm at Garden Villas 3 Phase 5 in Sta Rosa Laguna https://t.co/i4lociSwed
坦桑尼亚5.7地震 至少11死100伤 https://t.co/m6AyqcWqXz九评https://t.co/PeuRMUiFjC神韵巡演https://t.co/W5VNTl9ogB 神韵Shenyun 2017 https://t.co/8L73ha3C9V
I've started 5 tracks that I completely deleted bc I got writers block on them
RT @heyifeellike: i've shared this video over 5 times and i'm not apologizing https://t.co/WfFrGFUbhA
RT @hobby013: Just had a 5 minutes convo with Sage the Gemini while gambling. And he said I look familiar 😂@YoBoyTatted@yoboygiing @Loganhobs25@RyanOmo_12
oh my god i have watched this like 5 times https://t.co/w48ZJ6Pftz
久しぶりの競馬予想 セントウルステークス予想 1-2-5-6-13 自信は全くないです...
坦桑尼亚5.7地震 至少11死100伤 https://t.co/qQIAl9efPT退出共产党 https://t.co/kIVS5kuUAj 翻墙https://t.co/aPNOLH6Wv3 神韵 Shenyun 2017 https://t.co/qocTrNITbA
dont unfollow me i have 5 children
.@joshtpm: 2: I think a helpful way to understand our current politics is that you have a white political faction… https://t.co/Z3L4qhkQAX
5 min wait? Ok. I was just there.
RT @JediFett: No he didn't. That was like me (5'10" 145) working out for 18 months and thinking I can fight an MMA fighter. Ego. https://t.co/J0FpOytauG
Going dress shopping was a real adventure bc 1st we went to Ross & I tried on like 5 dresses which were aight but didnt really speak to me
RT @curlyheadkenny: 5. I miss you - come see me