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RT @Lady_Vi_2U: WE the People deserve better. It is time to use Article I, Section 5, of the United States Constitution and expel… https://t.co/3gNz35huGl
the white outrage over kylie piercing stormi’s ears is so fucking ridiculous ... you know what just for this in 15… https://t.co/2YaV9U70q8
RT @loveischaeng: JYPNGG Will Be Debuting The End Of The Year🎉🎉🎉 Trainee will be debuting: 1. Jeon Somi 2. Shin Rhujin 3. Choi Suji… https://t.co/Q0BjxLE7YJ
@Bernie_au @shep135 Well this LNP govt has been in office for 5 years and I still haven't got the #NBN - thank goodness.
Does my back hurt? Yes Am I still going to Hulk jump up my stairs 5 at a time? Also yes
Ready for a new 5 Things I love post? This week I've rounded up 5 feminine finds, including an amazing rose clay be… https://t.co/qZXa4BMrKs
RT @_mwes: I'm so weak y'all... Checkout this hilarious [THREAD] 😂😂😂😂🤣 1/5 https://t.co/o99xZTU5Co
RT @ClichedOut: customer: what's the difference between the 5 oz filet and the 9 oz filet me: [first day as waiter] i'll find out [later] me: like 4 oz
RT @Gingrich_of_PA: I’ll put this on the record now: If one of the 5 “witnesses” Mueller is requesting immunity to testify against Mana… https://t.co/Li2EXwlIqJ
RT @Dennie302: Me: can I have the 12 count nugget meal, 4 Polynesian sauces, 5 Chick-fil-A sauces, 6 bbq sauces and 4 ranches. C… https://t.co/Xi4N86lg5d
Hey guys just got home taking a power nap till 5 hoping to be up by 6 pmMST I’ll see y’all there ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@SpiteCandy Ah, yes, 6 people ahead of me. My appointment time was 5 minutes ago. I expect a wait of 90 minutes MINIMUM.
RT @Dennie302: Me: can I have the 12 count nugget meal, 4 Polynesian sauces, 5 Chick-fil-A sauces, 6 bbq sauces and 4 ranches. C… https://t.co/Xi4N86lg5d
RT @umcornell: me in the mirror 5 minutes after complaining about how ugly i am to myself https://t.co/xnE6ApHQAv
RT @SteveSGoddard: - @KeithCarson timeline 1. Brags that no "climate denier" will debate him 2. I challenge him to a debate 3. He acc… https://t.co/H5O8Oeuti7
n then 5 mins later love myself and think i run shit https://t.co/JD0a1ZXRbq
Przeczytałam przed chwila takiego tweetka i przypomniało mi sie jak w 5 klasie albo 6 z crushem (dawnym) rzucalisny… https://t.co/5VTYfe2iRW
My back hurts and I didn’t want to go into work today. My manager called 5 minutes before I was about to get ready… https://t.co/zyHuagdjwc
RT @BowieDaily: 5:15 - I'm changing trains This little town Let me down This foreign rain Brings me down #davidbowie #bowie
Fuckery by @BCFMONEYMAN1 is one of them songs I listen to 5 times a day
RT @lukewaltham: I can’t wait for ARMYs’ album: Snatch Ourselves: Wigs. Tracklist 1. Intro: Protect Bangtan ft John Cena 2. Crackh… https://t.co/vZkRA4zDo7
@I_r_o_n_Y イベント目白押しだったのと、新宿のアベンジャークラスに苦戦して止まってたのですがどうしてもアナスタシアクリア条件の石が欲しくてw快男児は暫しお預けで1.5頑張ります…!!
@KrisAndersonTV @7News Clean-shaven (it brings out your teeth more) 😊 ...however, I do like both pics , 😃...& I lik… https://t.co/WGTxgTYkDS
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/4ZvLqY7LhT Top 5 Craziest Pokemon Glitches! Missingno, Acid Rain and More!
RT @Drew_Waldecker: If working 40hrs a week has taught me anything it’s to be more appreciative of my parents supporting all my after s… https://t.co/p7HzrMSIPY