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I’m heading to bed. Goodnight my little...- Little... ...I think it’s time I give you guys a name. You probably… https://t.co/X8mNxBYIkl
RT @ahlachalba: me putting concealers over 5 days of no sleeps thinking i’ll look ok https://t.co/Tvvg0Wbylb
RT @darkskinrj: Nigga I have a final essay due in 5 hours and the letter “M” on my keyboard is broken... https://t.co/RIee0cHGq3
This is a very useful book. Got it at Target for $5 in the dollar spot section. The procrastination section has bee… https://t.co/ekOnA90CuZ
@jitu_harjai Sir, U r t best trner I hav seen in YT. I need yr help 5 din Baad physical hai . 4:15 me 1 km daudna h… https://t.co/QIM0zqUrzk
RT @jihopian: No concept photos, no tracklist, no songs , no teasers n.o.t.h.i.n.g. Map of the soul persona: 2.6M preorders in… https://t.co/lHXy62RCH1
RT @soulmateloops: yoongi singing just dance: “늑꼈어 baby” = I felt it baby https://t.co/geB2buXAyd
RT @seystephie: I like having mentally stimulating conversations. Not “wyd” every 5 minutes.
RT @baseballinfocus: #cubs @ColeRoederer with a HR on his 1st swing of his 1st #SpringTraining AB ever. “I’ve dreamt of this since I was… https://t.co/EN9kvALIip
I rated IndiGo 5 out of 5 for the great experience I had with them!
RT @Putassyumx: *wakes up 1 hour before class* Me: ok I’ll sleep 5 more minutes *wakes up 2 hours after class* Me: https://t.co/cKhemjFuOe
If UNC wins the tournament I win 5 boxes of memorabilia PLUS my bonus for picking the tournament winner. Now I have… https://t.co/IxAPbPRvRt
RT @AjTommyy: I dated a 5”10 chick once. She wore my kicks without askin and I been disgusted ever since
RT @xErinNadiax: I really wanna become a morning person. You can get so much more done 😭 the day I get myself to the gym by 5:45/6a… https://t.co/SoecuLRvAD
RT @Juliana7torres_: 5 minutes into studying and I’m already over it
Okay, who has locks on their bedroom and/or bathroom doorknobs? I was just poking around and noticed something it t… https://t.co/0HCjEjWPKS
@DevinCow Welp, @DevinCow is up to 255,000 followers. They've picked up 35k in the last 2 hours. I, on the other p… https://t.co/45OpWUFDOz
RT @darkskinrj: Nigga I have a final essay due in 5 hours and the letter “M” on my keyboard is broken... https://t.co/RIee0cHGq3
RT @antoniiogarza21: me when i get called a hoe: 😡 me calling myself a hoe 5 minutes later: 😌
RT @armedon2013: Just got back from watching Alita Battle angel...I’m sorry but this movie deserves the money Captain Marvel made. I… https://t.co/PuZTqTvPiU
RT @niqueipoooo: Opal earrings now available 🥰 Dm if interested in purchasing! I only have 5 of each(gold or silver) Serious inqu… https://t.co/ds472CvSvb
RT @arunjaitley: The performance of Modi govt. in the last 5 years is a fact that speaks itself loud & clear, the non-performers in… https://t.co/ZRRt2a5DPO
I can’t keep giving everybody 5 stars on Lyft! I gotta start telling the truth!
@_itsrico_ @TrevizB3 @Nard_5 @tavariz4 On me 😂 fastest double header I’ve ever been a part of🤦🏾‍♂️