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RT @FactsOfSchool: Me: “Today I’m gonna be productive!” *me 5 minutes later* https://t.co/d0iH1FyYOj
RT @24k_LIANGHUI: Remember to vote for me everyday! Luv u all and I really appreciate the supports! 手机端投票链接Phone… https://t.co/Sp7x4XL3NG
RT @funder: I want everyone to tweet out #NoDACANoDeal in the next 30 minutes and then retweet as many people who use the hasht… https://t.co/QZ56suqSe9
RT @Sethuza3: @psbushiri Papa. 1. Consistency in my prayer life and spiritual life 2. Marriage(struggling with lobola) 3. Dedicat… https://t.co/jEHFQHunyx
5 new followers in the last week and it is more than just stats, I use it for growing my account! Try it https://t.co/hYtdV1nMj8
RT @GotivanLik: Kad me neki momak doda na instagram i odma lajkuje 5-6 slika Boga mi ja ga moram blokirat jer će mi poslat kurac u inbox
RT @MarfSalvador: [hostage situation] me: I WANT 5 DUCKS, A LOAF OF BREAD AND TINY NAPKINS negotiator: ok but can you put the terrorist on the line
RT @corbett: Occasionally I have a momentary lack of confidence with a small DIY project and then I remember that I was responsi… https://t.co/IhtzFM5Gpd
RT @plusbban: 일하다 주리 틀려서 써보는 개인적인 피부관리 노하우 1. 식염수팩 매일하면 제일 좋지만, 일단 해보시라. 식염수 사다가 화장솜(휴지도 가능)에 적셔 얼굴에 처덕처덕 붙여둔다. 5-10분정도 한다. 물로 헹궈… https://t.co/M8PUb5kp4j
RT @forepIays: I'm that type of person to ask for a kiss every 5 minutes
RT @dhdhdhdhtfg: لتحميل الفيلم كامل وتخطي الحجب اضغط الرابط ثم اضغط الاعلان https://t.co/pjAITO3Fh0 https://t.co/r5J6LgRsLb في المو… https://t.co/HAQVGJ74kr
I gained 5 followers in the last day. You? Know your stats and grow with https://t.co/nl5WqeJAQZ
RT @SonexStella: [TRANS] Taeyeon's Taengoo TV sound bites (Part 5): This is what a festival is! Celebrity Taengoo. Today's con… https://t.co/9AHkJ20wN9
RT @guypbenson: I'm really proud of this @prageru video. It discusses being a right-leaning member of the #LGBT community, rejects… https://t.co/wZoyA4ZfaO
I have 5 8/8s in rotmg now. I have a problem
RT @onherperiod: "I'm going to study at 5." "I'm going to study at 6." "I'm going to study at 7." "I'm going to study at 8." "I'm go… https://t.co/lXTBczi74z
RT @Tejas_Marine: While at a red light, I had the pleasure of meeting a homeless #Veteran. He served as infantry in the #Vietnam war.… https://t.co/LWWqC394VX
RT @rubiabrianna: So my friend's 5-yr-old little brother tried to hug a girl his age. Her: Lukey stop! I don't wanna hug. Him: OH… https://t.co/7BOVALK8vm
RT @Don_Chuyito: I got a free charger and a planner for coming to an advisement session. I don’t know how y’all do this 9-5 shit 😤🙏
동ㅂ5신ㄱi가 5명이었던 걸 모르는 친구가 있었다니 내가 늙긴 늙ㄱ었나보군요
RT @Shann0nW0lfe: So last night I got a McChicken sandwich. I opened it up An there was 5 CHICKEN NUGGETS put together on the sandwich!! Like wtf yo
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/I4gHvZLFc8 TOP 5 GREAT DESTINY MOMENTS
RT @guypbenson: I'm really proud of this @prageru video. It discusses being a right-leaning member of the #LGBT community, rejects… https://t.co/wZoyA4ZfaO
when i find a song i like i play it 5 million times before i change to another song... then after it’s over i go back to the first song 😅