Tweets about a recent trend: Huzzah

@mickyturrell seems I have myself an army of people not played yet. Huzzah for not being alone XD
@funaki75 huzzah trains are on time for once!
RT @SacredHrtCrosby: Thanks to the @GranadaReports team who were great with all of our pupils today. Our tech team were delighted to mee…
@LR_Lam Omgosh. Huzzah. Just added it to my goodreads. It sounds wonderful.
@TurnipRail I think Huzzah! more likely
@siany_adams1 Fear not Sian! As of tomorrow it'll be at 7:30 AND 8:30! Huzzah! @Nicola_Hume xx
Huzzah πŸƒπŸΌ
Huzzah, we made it!! The goal was reached so we can look forward to receiving our copies of @GPorterMovie πŸ™† Thank you for pledging x
Huzzah! It's @upulie on my wireless set!
Huzzah! Thursday means Adam Ruins Everything on @SBSVICELAND
Got some rendering in before hand just gave up. Huzzah progress! Liking how it's turning out.
All those times your health teacher said ecstasy was bad for you....turns out, they were lying. HUZZAH FOR SCIENCE
@Crawford_MILB SIR sir I think your "Huzzah!" might be coming back up for air!
A huge huzzah to Ann Wolf for the follow!
RT @jeffgerstmann: In bed, can't sleep, installed the Amazon app, making good choices
RT @BigBangTheoryHQ: Happy Birthday to #KaleyCuoco! (AKA Queen Penelope) HUZZAH!
@presentsqueen HUZZAH!! Enjoy Helen πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–
And for the Crews of Overwatch it's Day One Season 3! Huzzah!!!
The Year In Band Names is already out? HUZZAH! #AVC