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NUEVO #ARAI CHASER-X HUTCHY, DISPONIBLE EN #BIMOTOR . . Consigue la replica de la leyenda del TT Isla de Man, Ian…
@hutchy_25 @stephcarroll_4 Ok.. so why was the flag still in the hole??
@hutchy_25 @stephcarroll_4 2 shot penalty for putting with the flag in. #bogey
@Paddy_04 @AndyMaherDFA @hutchy_25 @stephcarroll_4 R&A Rule 17 deals with this. The video appears to show evidence…
@hutchy_25 @AndyMaherDFA Given in the 4 times I have played golf I’ve been going at about 5 over so I’ll take a bogey any day 🙌
@Paddy_04 @hutchy_25 @stephcarroll_4 Sadly they’re ahead of the curve Patrick. I think it’s all clear under the new rules coming in.
@hutchy_25 @stephcarroll_4 Take the flag out 😩😭
@AndyMaherDFA @hutchy_25 Still learning about golf etiquette 😬
@Paddy_04 @AndyMaherDFA @hutchy_25 Been too busy to read up on the PGA rules. I’ll make sure I do before I go pro 👍
@Paddy_04 @AndyMaherDFA @stephcarroll_4 Stop being killjoys and let the gal have her moment in the sun..... 😂
@AndyMaherDFA @hutchy_25 @stephcarroll_4 What's the penalty for having flag in on the green Andy?
@AndyMaherDFA @hutchy_25 @stephcarroll_4 2 stroke penalty for leaving the flag in? 🤣 #bogey
@hutchy_25 @stephcarroll_4 Pity the poor bugger who had to putt through the two inch hoof-prints left indented in the green!
RT @property990: Where’s the RNS Hutchy?? #AST
@RohanCT Get someone that's not in the hutchy stable (desperate to drive attention to their bullshit radio) and I'll believe it
Here it is! The moment @stephcarroll_4 scored her first ever birdie during a round of golf ⛳️ #legit How’s the ce…
RT @LawrieColliver: Good start to first game of season for @TTGDCC 1st grade 8/309 off 50 overs v Southerns at Perty. Hutchy 115 Jack Holiday 53 @SACAComps
@craighutchy Hey Hutchy! I’m heading to NY next week, can you pls remind me of the name of the bar/s you often mention in podcast? Thx.
Beaut afternoon for a visit to the @WhittleseaC with @stephcarroll_4 - the course is in absolute cracking shape 👌🏼…