Tweets about a recent trend: Hutchy

i’m so high i went to answer a text and forgot i was talking to zach on the phone and i was like who is breathing is that a ghost
Hutchy re Fox Footy recent change on big Saturday arvo games on the Sounding Board "If you own the rights, why woul…
@kanecornes @CheapStat Yep righto Kane, your comments on almost all media outlets have been relentless about Tex be…
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@stephcarroll_4 @hutchy_25 You’re the best, thank you!!! ❤️
W1: starting the trend of tweeting in the foundations class 👍 @Dr_Hutchy #ucmoedlead
RT @newscientist: The very first living thing is still alive inside each one of us
@hutchy_25 Thank you Meg, very lovely of you! ❤️
@hutchy_25 That’s disgusting sack him now 😡
Or is that a movie about Hutchy? 🤔 @mmmhotbreakfast
Happy Birthday to the best WAG (😜) going round, @thill73 Your day Tara. Soak it up and enjoy ❤️
RT @Sayden69: @Club_Parieur Askip on prend pas, ça ce passe dans le tchat bien joué Hutchy
@Club_Parieur Askip on prend pas, ça ce passe dans le tchat bien joué Hutchy
@z0mgItsHutch Did you go Vegan Hutchy?
@tweethutchy @Croft_Circuit @Lee_johnston13 @Jimwhit69 Thank you for the pic and entertainment Hutchy 👍 If you want…
@alongcamezuess //I don’t know if you’re still interested in playlists but I made a Darkiplier one and a Wilford on…
@Matt_Hutchy Just tested it and it doesn’t even work after licking your finger?! The guys a lunatic
Earlier i was treated to a man licking his fingers prior to using the tablet to enter his registration plate at the…
fav headshots we did yesterday (still for hire)