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glad about it / the hurricane that hit atlanta by rev. johnny l. jones.
RT @KyleCGShore: Who the fuck comes up with Hurricane names HAWAY man "DORIS" you fucking mad? 🌪
@Ddam1225 @lallalla53 그런데 의자시리즈와 관절이들은 사이즈가 안맞아서ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 하지만 기승위.. 기승위는 아름답고...
RT @PaulEDawson: Innovative wind turbine can withstand hurricane-force winds #ClimateChange #ActOnClimate
Twitter has #SaltBae #Hurtbae #strandedBae now we got #BootBae and Facebook has no idea who #SaltBae is. They'll prolly find out in June😂
@Beecus_ @lady__hurricane no había entendido de lo que hablaba, aunque ayer estuve en Sol; disculpas
@Ddam1225 @luv_hurricane 맞아! 쎄모님 아직 인증안해주셔쎠!ㅠㅜㅠ 화보집 내주세요!ㅠㅜㅠ
@rosiebsteele 😇😇😇
Police have been looking for my ex-missus since Hurricane Doris. I think they've just found her 😲
@luv_hurricane 상디룰 선명하게 핥고 오겠습니다......!!!
@luv_hurricane @lallalla53 으아니!!!! 셈님!!! 이것저것 구체화시킬 수 있는 분은 세모님밖에 없으십니다!!!!!!
RT @KinstonPublServ: This video highlights the impact of Hurricane Matthew on public power communities in the state of North Carolina
RT @LexiIsAWriter: I'm a hurricane. Anyone who gets close enough will get wrapped in chaos. If they dare open their eyes, they'll see nothing is whole. #FP
@janschlimbach B17, Messerschmitt ME109, Hurricane, Zero in kleuren VS (instinker), en Vickers Wellington. Piep, volgende vraag.
RT @erreairy: ความไหล่นี้พี่จองมาอีกแย้ว (///▽///)
@ramgaa 응어어 부럽습니다 상디 생일을 제 몫까지 엄청나게 축하해주고 오소서ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
So a labour spokeswoman blames hurricane Doris on the Copeland defeat saying most labour supporters don't have cars.
@hurricane_pk チャリ旅でなんか死にそうって感じ二度と体験したくないけど嫌いじゃない
@AUDI_HURRICANE 夕方めっちゃ混んでました😒
@Ddam1225 @lallalla53 저 있고요!!!!!!!는 의자 로우상디 아직도 안깠...
RT @mmaaattt95: @itsdorris this hurricane dorris is looking abit different to expected
#NowPlaying on Grey FM Downtown: Lifehouse - Hurricane -
a charge to keep i have (extended for radio by rev. johnny l. jones) / the hurricane that hit atlanta by rev. johnny l. jones.
@Hurricane_Dane @el_Manuel_Lopes @BernieSanders I'm not a socialist, but if you preach it, don't own 3 homes, & tweet from Martha's vineyard