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RT @SugaSeanMMA: . @TurboperezUFC just to be clear you don’t want to fight me ?
Officially Hunter Smith, RN
@_hunter_smith @RogueNASA If only politicians did their jobs without concern about who gave them cash...
@Mountainhawk98 @RogueNASA If only billionaires couldn’t buy politicians
@_hunter_smith @RogueNASA Perhaps. We need to break our habit of using the government to bail out bad business decisions.
@Mountainhawk98 @RogueNASA I’m betting we would just end up with another billionaire on welfare and a bunch of angry employees.
RT @WalshFreedom: Trump asked just now who he believes, his own intelligence agencies or Putin. He won't answer. But he speaks more…
RT @RVAwonk: Trump's tweet blaming poor US-Russia relations on the US and the investigation into Russia's attack on our democrat…
RT @strudelnessboy: Hunter Smith’s Twitter basically consists of him talking to himself.
Hunter Smith’s Twitter basically consists of him talking to himself.
Have you heard ‘Ambassador ft. Hunter Smith’ by Casa View Baptist Church on #SoundCloud? #np
@Rcampbell96 @Hunter_Smith_ Aly Wagner is awesome! She is way better than Stuart Holden
@Hunter_Smith_ As poor as Fox's coverage was, Aly Wagner may be the best American soccer commentator I have ever he…
“There’s nothing as disappointing as the #USMNT missing the World Cup.” Me:
Did people who name their kids Hunter know they'll have that name forever? There is 100% going to be a president Hunter Smith or whatever.
My Momma said bring money cause she not paying for you.
Former Indianapolis Colt punter Hunter Smith, for sure. Tony Award winner Sutton Foster, perhaps.
RT @KBAndersen: The Obama Administration tried to do something about it in September 2016, but were thwarted by @SenateMajLdr Mitch…
@jason_blum @blumhouse @BHTilt Do these two connect somehow? I really hope they do. Maybe a cameo from Blair 👀
RT @KageKamaara: NTYSMIBDOYDS | (bobby island flip) 🔪💙
NTYSMIBDOYDS | (bobby island flip) 🔪💙
@Oshawa_Generals @AHLHeat @JoeCirella Good for you Joe!!! Be sure to look out for our Boy Hunter Smith!!! Would lov…
@laughchem @RogueNASA I love how they’re in control of the government now but things still aren’t going their way s…