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Pretty humid lately I kinda miss the cold nights
HT: We trail 0.4 (4) to Brisbane 2.2 (14) in hot + humid conditions in QLD. The long break will be extended by 20 minutes #gopies
RT @HowToDressCute: *lays out turtleneck and high-waisted jeans to serve first day of fall looks* Weather: *is 95 degrees and humid* Me:
#MakeASongWhiny Sitttin' on the dock by the bay ..UGH These Mosquitos ..UGH!! IT'S SOOOO HUMID!! IT'S BORING!!
on a side note, it is sO HUMID HERE, i'm in pain
Data from my home thanks to Electric Imp Discover Kit! [Temp: 17.48 | Humid: 50.70 | Pressure: 990.46]
Hot and humid again 😯
Can the weather not be so humid?
Thunderstorms and big, fat humid rain. Nice to be indoors in gyoza and kimchi heaven at Mrs G's.…
RT @TotalPurgatory: Any Experienced F/A leaders wanna help with Humid
RT @joaoleitao: Visit Half Moon Island - forsaken humid Antarctica by @joaoleitao #traveling #adventure
292: Light=78, Temp=13, Humid=32, Intruder=0. 2017-02-18 13:02:44
Saturday: Thunderstorms. Afternoon Clouds. Warm. Humid. 22 - 29 Sunday: A… #Sydney #weather
ZONE 3 - Temp:21C - Humid:35% - Light:9lux
Temp 5.7°C WChill 5.7°C Wind 0.0mph Gust 0.7mph Dir SSW Rain 0.0mm Humid 100% Pressure 1026.5mb Falling #Kent #Folkestone
Conditions at 06:00 on 18 February 2017 Temp: 7.3°C DewPoint 5.9 Wind:0.0mph Pressure: 1016.0 mb Falling slowly Rain Today 0.0mm Humid
#Porthmadog #UKWeather Wind 3.8km/h WSW. Pres. 979.2mb Steady. Temp. 10.0C. Rain today 0.0mm Humid. 91% Sat:06:00 #WHR
Wind 2.2 mph SW. 1025.40 mb, Falling slowly. Temp 5.8°C Rain 0.0 mm. Humid 94%. UV 0.0. Solar 0. #CM2Weather
#Cleeve Weather: Wind 2.6km/h WNW. Pres. 1026.0mb Falling. Temp. 6.0C. Rain today 0.0mm Humid. 100% Sat:06:00
#weatherhutton #essex Fairly fine, showery later Temp 5.5°C Humid 94% Wind 1.0mph SSW Baro 1025.64 hPa Falling slowly Rain Today 0.0mm
It's hot, humid and so uncomfortable. Let's hurry and move forward!
@Maxmordon In some ways it was a hard trip because it was VERY hot/humid, so we often weren’t feeling that good. But they didn’t try v hard
............. and sydney's shitty weather has returned. it's hot, it's humid, it's raining, there's a thunderstorm. smfh.