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Temp: -1.2°C (+0.4°C/hr), Baro: 1032.0 hPa, Falling, Wind: 1.0 m/s SSW, Rain: 0.0 mm today, Humid: 77%
Deffo prefer these humid rainy days to the freezing icy cold ones
The weather can’t get anymore humid than this. I went to sleep and woke up with a headache -_-
The summer in Japan is hot and humid, and the woman has culture to wear "YUKATA".
Temp: -1.0°C (+0.5°C/hr), Baro: 1032.1 hPa, Falling, Wind: 1.4 m/s SW, Rain: 0.0 mm today, Humid: 76%
@RudiEdsall @thiscassgirl Amir 3/1. Humid Cairns at dusk. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the ball is doing a bit.
RT @NWSMiami: Humid and warm with Scattered Showers today. A cooling trend begins later tonight.
a little too humid
It's so HUMID I want to shave my hair off and laser my scalp so I never have to deal with head hair again
It is so humid, no point in straightening my hair
ZONE 2 - Temp:20.375374 - Humid:44.144196 - Light:-250.000000
Temp 10.8°C WChill 9.0°C Wind 8.3mph Gust 11.4mph Dir SSW Rain 0.0mm Humid 90% Pressure 1026.7mb Steady #Kent #Folkestone
ZONE 3 - Temp:19.731867 - Humid:47.844452 - Light:10.000000
Temp: -0.9°C (+0.6°C/hr), Baro: 1032.2 hPa, Falling, Wind: 1.0 m/s SW, Rain: 0.0 mm today, Humid: 76%
#weatherhutton #essex Fine weather Temp 12.2°C Humid 86% Wind 4.0mph SSW Baro 1024.59 hPa Steady Rain Today 0.0mm
Weather report at 12:00 Its 8.5 C and 99 humid 0.7 m/s SE have a look at for info
Wind 5.2 mph SW. 1024.25 mb, Steady. Temp 12.4°C Rain 0.0 mm. Humid 87%. UV 0.0. Solar 51. #CM2Weather
#Cleeve Weather: Wind 8.6km/h WSW. Pres. 1025.0mb Rising. Temp. 14.2C. Rain today 0.3mm Humid. 95% Thu:11:00
#Porthmadog #UKWeather Wind 3.9km/h SW. Pres. 1013.2mb Rising. Temp. 12.6C. Rain today 30.7mm Humid. 100% Thu:11:00 #WHR
ZONE 1 - Temp:19.474464 - Humid:51.003021 - Light:65285.000000
24.4°F; Baro.: 30.02in, Rising; Humid.99; Wind: 7.6MPH, WNW; Rain: 0.00in.
Automatico@HOME - Temp: 22.00, Humid: 40.59, AC: on