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@OVLScotsman Yeah its humid in the south, esp in that part of the country. It was a weird feeling wearing just shorts and a shirt in January
Im so mad how no one is down for Thailand in March 😩 I guess itll have to wait till September! I just dont wana go when its humid
@OVLScotsman Carolina winter Is real warm and humid. 20c+ is normal. Its mad
the present present is walking into the cafe i like! this freedom ! though it's a not feel like to do anything humi…
It's so humid, you could poach an egg on the sidewalk.
Data from my home thanks to Electric Imp Discover Kit! [Temp: 20.86 | Humid: 32.19 | Pressure: 993.60]
@Salvarinn It's still Thursday, but hot and humid so the less cooking the better
#Onychomycosis risk factors: perspiring heavily, being in a humid or moist environment, psoriasis, diabetes, weakened immune system.
Some people are so lucky that their hair doesn't react to humid weather 😤😤 it's the absolute bane of my life
Blynkers! ESP8266 tickle 2017-01-19 17:05:56 temp: 20.03 humid: 64.12 press: 650
#MSWX #PBWX wdam || Man, it's humid. Then again, I'm a computer. Anything over 15% is humid to me...
Temp 1.9°C WChill -0.1°C Wind 4.5mph Gust 5.4mph Dir ENE Rain 0.0mm Humid 66% Pressure 1036.9mb Rising #Kent #Folkestone
#weatherhutton #essex Settled fine Temp -2.3°C Humid 95% Wind 0.0mph --- Baro 1037.76 hPa Steady Rain Today 0.0mm
#Porthmadog #UKWeather Wind 0.0km/h ---. Pres. 1012.2mb Steady. Temp. 6.7C. Rain today 0.3mm Humid. 100% Thu:08:00 #WHR
Wind 0.8 mph N. 1037.62 mb, Rising slowly. Temp -1.6°C Rain 0.0 mm. Humid 97%. UV 0.0. Solar 5. #CM2Weather
#Cleeve Weather: Wind 0.0km/h ---. Pres. 1039.0mb Steady. Temp. 1.9C. Rain today 0.0mm Humid. 100% Thu:08:00
Weather 08:00. Dry. Temp: 0.7 C Baro: 1036.9. Humid: 94 pct. Wind: 3.8 ENE. Rain 0.0 #wdisplay
08:00 GMT: Temp: 6.4°C (feels 5.1°C), Wind: NW, 0 mph (ave), 4 mph (gust), Humid: 91%, Rain (/hr) 0.0 mm, Press: 1029 hPa, rising slowly
It’s POURING in Singapore! Maybe it’ll make it less humid. Haha! Less humid! HAHAHAHA
lets uhhh settle on the humid desert rock, that uhhhhhh sounds like a good ass idea,
Data from my home thanks to Electric Imp Discover Kit! [Temp: 20.95 | Humid: 32.36 | Pressure: 993.26]
@CullyWoods And you like Texas? It's so... hot. And humid. Humidity is the devil.
Blynkers! ESP8266 tickle 2017-01-19 16:35:56 temp: 18.43 humid: 63.89 press: 648
(The primer and paints all take 24 hours to fully dry in 'ideal conditions' i.e. not humid af)