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@BuzzFeed buzzfeed; do you like huey Lewis and the news?
Sorry for asking when did you meet Huey Lewis when I saw the pic of you and your wife on your desk.
Coming Up Next Huey P - Watch Your Mouth (Instrumental) Click
WCW she's more than just a crush 💞
Are you comfortable with who you are or forever comparing and doing what others expect? #selfcare #selfhelp
Nooray k din Huey pooray !!! InshaaAllah
Huey Long Finally Retiring As Exemplar Of American Demagoguery - "I Had A Good-Ole Run"
which side are you on? "King" yoshi's team or Huey's team?
@unyamaro そろそろ寝たらどうだ?疲れたときには寝るのが一番だ!
Now Playing at #AppelFM: Huey Lewis & The News - Stuck With You (1986)
RT @wo_fire: #StilbaaiFire - Ongoing A spotter plane, two fixed wing bombers and two Huey Helicopters deployed to contain the r…
@caede_fox 明日もアークスとして戦えるよう、ゆっくり休むんだぞ!
Ik vind een @YouTube-video van @Huey_dean leuk: Arriva Flirt 3 nieuwe trein op station Roermond en Sittard
Huey Lewis And The News – Hip To Be Square
Ik vind een @YouTube-video van @Huey_dean leuk: DB 2x ICE 3M trein vanuit station Utrecht Centraal naar Basel
@tweethue hey Huey.... I got it working. You rock 🤙🤘✌️
Harvest 16/17 done. Was a slow grind but got there in the end 👍🏻
RT @Kurtmiltonbaker: Here we have something completely awesome! What a line up. Phil, Huey, Billy!