「iPodのシャッフル機能に奇妙な仕掛けがある」と考えるか (PRESIDENT) - LINEアカウントメディア #linenews @news_line_meさんから
I can't believe my joke about how Paul Ryan has Papa Roach in his iPod as "Roach, Papa" hasn't gone viral
#SÚPER en Ktronix .com más de 10 artículos de las marcas Mac, iMac y iPod con 10% de dcto. Compra en:…
第一、今iPodは充電しながらじゃないとすぐ電池なくなんだよ それに、寝落ちする以外はちゃんと止めてイヤホン取って寝てるわ
モイ!iPod touchからキャス配信中 -パズドラ!!
อยากได้ Come Together version นี้เอามาใส่ ipod ตอนไปวิ่งเลย คือแบบรู้สึกคึกคัก เป็น Aerosmith?
When bae puts his iPod on shuffle and Whigfield's Saturday Night comes on.
RT @yocelinfdoe: I'm literally using the targets iPod rn to go on Twitter 😂😂 omg
破損歴 iPod touch(3rd):アスファルト上に落下、デジタイザあたりまで死亡 iPhone4:バイクでの信号待ち中にアスファルト上に落下
RT @Kevinoze: The @wecomefromaway CD came in the mail today. Finally blasting on my cute little iPod nano.
Mon iPod vient d'enchainer Love At First Sight de The Gist et Phare Ouest de Grand Hotel. Je me sers un whisky. (ceci est 1 tweet @magicrpm)
Check out my photo of #ClumsyNinja for iPod! Try it for FREE!
モイ!iPod touchからキャス配信中 -
lost my one iPod this morning which was found and then just found my second iPod which has been gone since October. today has been wild.
Damn haven't listened to my iPod in a while
@FMUSTEEL @preciousconlee @heavenlyconner when Steve Jobs was alive, this was the Red iPod
Put music from the'30s, '40s on that iPod Nano you don't use anymore and give it to a nursing home. #AltYou
梅田でiPhone/iPad/iPodの修理はスマートドクタープロ梅田店へ 詳しくはコチラ→
RT @LizzAndrews: New release! @Clairelelune : Secret Stocking Tease HD Ipod #PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS #clips4sale…
@robert_bruce_iv In his dumb attempt at appealing to Gen Xers 'Zeppelin' is presented as the artist's last name....…
RT @POINTJP_TSUTOMU: POINTJP特別プレ企画 iPod Pro 256GB 応募方法:フォロー&RT 締め切り:3月25日 発送方法:ゆうパック サイト登録一切なし。締め切りと同時に削除しますので応募はお早めに。当選者の方は直接DMしますので設…
Triski created "[ version 1.1.5 ] nba 2k14 for iphone/ipad/ipod".