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RT @KodakBlack1k: I Can't Hold Back I Gotta Live Life .. Go & Get Everything That I Desire
RT @KodakBlack1k: I Can't Hold Back I Gotta Live Life .. Go & Get Everything That I Desire
Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. ― Robert Frost #quote
@FatRabbit_Louis 아니 천천히 드시오..
RT @ColinBevis1: For him she is naked Not just in the physical sense Her mind is the gateway to his every desire....
RT @pon_m_25: Love Desire 赤色さん😌💗 500日過ぎたのでタグ🙄💗 RT or ♡ でお迎え参ります( ^_^ )✩ #さくなー #フォロワーさんのフォロワーさんと繋がりたい…
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Resume not getting you that dream job in CyberSecurity you desire. Maybe it's time for a re-write. Learn more -4O7-…
The heteronomous expectation is that some master will tell me who I am and what I ought to value and desire
“I encounter millions of bodies in my life; of these millions, I may desire some hundreds; but of...”
Be who you were CREATED to be not who or what others desire you to be!! This takes COURAGE!
Hello! Ladies who try to be equivalent with men need desire – Timothy Leary
If the BRT supporters were completely earnest in their desire for good transit, they'd be gunning for this:
This quest for significance is not surprising, as we all have an innate desire for a life above and beyond the...
"desire becomes surrender surrender becomes power"
RT @LFCTransferNRS: Liverpool are expected to reignite their desire to recruit Dortmund’s Christian Pulisic in the January transfer window. [Melissa Reddy]
An imaginary requirement to hear the desire for a towering decelerationism for a day.
@joe__kirby I don't think there are any. But the repression they mete out springs from a desire for control. Presumably yours at Michaela...
"All that spirits desire, spirits attain." - Khalil Gibran #quote
need want desire crave yearn
RT @Alpha6T: Oh Yisus te dejo entrar en mi casa y en mi corazón 🙏🏻👅