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Another medley we did for the Hr. Breton Fire Dept Telethon (Cecilia/Good Hearted Woman) We hope you enjoy and...
RT @Lucans22: Queria voltar no tempo pelo menos pra ver meu dia de ontem, desde a hr de despertar até a hr de sair da casa da Milena.
RT @sophie_walsh9: Hamilton Island just recorded a wind gust 263km/hr 😱💨 Stay safe up there!! @9NewsAUS #CycloneDebbie @TheTodayShow
Congratulations @Crichton253 becoming the newest member of hr @buffalobills
RT @Abdinoorx2: Barber: what u want? Post: you know that show phineas & ferb? Barber: yea Post: its a dope show. Now fuck my shit u…
RT @trutherbotornge: In December 2012, 2 separate families with children who developed autism following MMR injections were awarded compensation in vaccine court
Uma hr dessa receber esses tipo de notícia... Deus é ctg primo, vai sair dessa logo logo vai ta aqui com a gente se divertindo😥
Não vejo a hr de comer esse cachorro quente
Should HR drop ‘gut feel’ from decision-making?
@jcyanez2000 But you're not flying for free. Those passes are part of your compensation package. Ask your union rep.
Na HR que mano Menezes pegar o São Paulo e o Nacional já podem assinar a carta de demissão desse praga
im really doing this college lyf wrong... jwu form a 9-hr sleep kaya wag lahatin na lahat ng college walang tulog #privilegedt
RT @Yettidewi: Nyepi , lembali ketitik Nol jauh dr hingar bingar Jauh dr amarah dlm sepi kt lbh mengenal jati diri Slmt Hr Ry Nyepi sel umt Hindu 🙏
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RT @mindiehall: OMG! @$200,000/hr, #TrumpCrimeFamily gutting US Treasury!!!! #Trumprussia. This is OBSCENE!
Part – Time : Lyft Driver – Up to $35/hr – Don’t Miss Out – Sign Up Today!: Lyft Location : Larkspur CA US...
RT @jbrady_ct: Hammons 2R HR and Zana triple give @ElyriaAthletics a 4-0 lead on Euclid in softball. #LoCoBats
eu to comendo bolo td hr kkkkk
Contame que hago escuchando a La Factoria a esta hr
Meu Irmão com msc no cel essas hr,quer fzr um baile fdp
@hikarudayooo ひかるしゃんこれからもすしすし🤡💓 乳輪大きくてもすしすし🤡💓
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RT @sr__so: #実況者好きさんと繋がりたい 絵が溜まったので新しい出会いを求めます☺️ sior中心におバイトとhrさんのことばかり呟きます!平和も好きです!最近は水彩で描くのにハマってます🌼 RT中心に♡も巡回させてください〜!拡散お願いし…