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I simply cannot believe that wholesome, beloved ride sharing service had some underhanded HR policies.
@CadooCarol @MAHAMOSA @realDonaldTrump Takes more than 1 hr to clean up Obama's mess :-)
RT @CoachFolkerts: Jorge now with a triple. 4-4 to start his Aggie career. 1B, 3B and 2 HR @hiphipguti @H5AB @fb_playbook
RT @_BTS_twt_JIMIN: ARMYS⚠️Official MV ONLY 🔍💜NOT TODAY💜🔎 ❎24hr=10M 🔍💜SpringDay 봄날💜🔎 ❎30M 🔍💜피땀눈물 BST💜🔎 ❎100M #지민 #태형 #정국 #슈가 #김석진…
Or, use HM for outline and waterline, and HR to fill. HR -can- do it all, but it's not quite pointy enough for me.
Wow! Columbia accidentally told 277 students they got admitted. Students deserve some form of compensation.
RT @prodigy_69: I've not drawn anything for ages..sorry, so have this polaroid snap i just took of an angry crab as compensation
@Jason @susanthesquark is it credible that they have not known so far? company culture--esp when HR involved--does not develop in vacuum
RT @DavidKWilliams: Plse @FoxNewsSunday @FoxNews have a full hr of @rushlimbaugh he is so rarely seen the world needs 2 hear his sage i…
RT @justintarte: Keep this in mind if you're not sure about sharing your idea... shared by @amandacdykes #leadership #hr #edchat
#auspol Julie Bishop hopeless only claim to fame is when she rorted asbestos victims out of compensation. Now she i…
RT @SantapanMinda: "Kebaikan selalu mendatangkan ketenangan, sedangkan kejelekan selalu mendatangkan kegelisahan." (HR. Al Hakim Shahih) #iloveislam
Laksanakan segala apa yang diwajibkan Allah, niscaya kamu menjadi orang yang paling bertakwa. (HR. Ath-Thabrani)
@kateleth Went to client cocktail & client VP harassed me. Went to HR & she said it was my fault 4 going to event where alcohol was served.
@dumbas123 네 동일인물이에여!! 히히힉!@!!!
Last Errand then gym time. 😏👌 love the normal old 24 hr fitness. I deff want to try equinox though.
RT @joshbriond: retweet/donate (if u can) to a pop cultural icon who has yet to receive compensation for her genius!!!!!!!!!!
RT @marlenac: I noticed that too. Her persistence in documenting and putting the documentation in front of HR is pretty badass.
Vou dormir q já ta na mnh hr
New @HoosierTire shaking car so bad Chad can't Qualify. Where's quality control??? Only part on race car owners don't have a choice with!!
H&R Block Giveaway $32 Million For Tax Season #tax
@dijit Uber HR is encouraging females to remain silent. And you seeming to want to turn this into an attack on you/men is doing the same
RT @DataDeportes: #MLB Johnny Evers de Los Braves de Boston ganó el MVP en 1914 en la NL con .279/.390/.728 OPS, 1 HR, 40 RBI, 81 Ru…
@ashedryden @sarahjeong yeeeep negative review and forced out. Left a 2 pg letter with hr and zero follow up.