How to transfer iPod photo to Mac for backup with iPod Photo to Mac transfer

You have just got a newly purchased Mac because your old PC was crashed, fortunately, the precious photos have already been transfered from your old PC to your iPod. Or you accidentally deleted some important photos which are still on your iPod from your Mac. There are many software with the function of exporting music or videos from iPod to Mac. But is there a program to get the photos from your iPod back to your Mac computer?However, many Mac users want to copy or transfer iPod photos to Mac as below?Q1: How do i transfer the pics from iPod photo to my pc?i have an iPod photo and all my pics are backup over there. my pc has crashed and is there any software where i can transfer the photos from my iPod back to my pc? preferably dont have to pay? thanksQ2: How do I transfer photos from my iPod Photo 30gb to my laptop?'ve tried to use the enable disk use, but I manually manage my music and videos, so it won't let me enable the disk use. What other alternatives do I have??For resolving these problems, I search a tool--- iPod Photo to Mac transfer in the website. Mac iPod Photo Transfer can help you copy iPod photos to your Mac computer. Mac iPod Photo Transfer supports to transfer, photos from your iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod shuffle, iPhone, iPhone 3G to your Mac computer or iTunes easily. I hope it is helpful for us.

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