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My followers live in Japan (59%), USA(11%)... Get your map:
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@draintheorange @ZekeMpls @USATODAY your men drink from the same liberal Kool-AID as you . #of followers doesn't make you a somebody.
@b_punk_b_urslf there are other million things to do. Give Importance to other following/followers too
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Followers - 244, Unfollowers - 80. I didn't know it'd be this simple. Get your daily stats via
Do you know who are awesome? My 4 new followers in the last day! Growing with
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@Zenithdot love new twitter followers. here's 11 clever ways to change your twitter cover: what do you think?
it's not quantity it's the quality and its sure I know a little about my followers&what they like unlike others who have a million pussycat
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Thought some of my followers on here might be into these.
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I gained 24 followers in the last day. You? Know your stats and grow with
Latest Stats = 5 Followers and 3 Unfollowers (tracked by
Latest Stats = 1 Followers and 1 Unfollowers (tracked by
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