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RT @ImranKhanPTI: I have given my best & fought to the last ball for my country against corruption & for justice. Now I am praying to the Almighty for success
RT @natihititfirst_: I used to stress over the dumbest shit. now I just vibe and let shit be. I trust that God takes control over everything in my life.
RT @lyssagrayson: stop passing off clear character flaws as "just how i am" and improve urself
how i feel inside , feelings i try to hide 😥😥
y'all niggas talk to much, now I'm really on ya ass 💰💰
I used to do interesting things. Now, I'm boring and hate-filled and just repeat things I see on the Internet. I should become a reporter.
I honestly haven't been sick in forever and it all hit me at once. Now I'm running a fever and it won't go down 🙁😞
Made it to the end and now i feel so uncomfortable ...
RT @SpeakComedy: how i sleep knowing none of my homework is done
RT @princessdaniexo: At the beginning of the year I was so sad this was my last year of high school and now I just can't wait for this shit to end
Good news guys I've been trying to take care of myself and now I weigh the actual weight it says on my resume again turn up
So glad to be done with my two exams from this morning. Now I can spend the afternoon relaxing and keeping up with the NBA Trade Deadline.
RT @_gxbaby: being a college student makes me wonder how i was capable on going to school M-F at 7:15 am.
RT @naneyhoney: Sleep too much and now i'm wide awake ☠️
RT @ChrisRGun: So, one of my female friends from college is a porn actress now. Don't ask how I found this out.
This how I feel. If ya got a wee wee you go to the MENS room. If you don't have a wee wee guess where you go? How's that for figuring??
RT @AshleighJeana: If I ever loved you I'll always love you that's just how I was raised
RT @Spencermusic1: Also, @GordonRamsay followed me. Now I can send him pics of my edible masterpieces 👌
RT @Iifepost: how I'm gunna be when I have a family
RT @HOLSTEE: "I sometimes wonder how much of what I experience is a result of how I truly feel or how I think I should feel."…
RT @FreddyAmazin: Looking at these concerts then calculating how I'm gonna make them all work
RT @macairamanu: how I met your mother o personagem principal é um chato legen wait for it dary challenge accepted yellow umbrell…
RT @lehVieiram: "Now I have no ideia who you are, It's like you camouflage" _Selena Gomez, Camouflage
RT @ChrisRGun: So, one of my female friends from college is a porn actress now. Don't ask how I found this out.
RT @Worship_Inara: Everytime I go to the gym & lift i think of all my peasants and how I am able to literally throw them around physically (& mentally) #femdom