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@tessa_housh_ Thank you, sweet girl! ❤️ Miss you!
RT @daniellenvogel: still sorry to the people i hurt while i was hurting
RT @QalaatAlMudiq: #EuphratesShield (Battle map): #FSA backed by #TSK artillery started battle vs #SDF/#YPG for Tell Rifaat. 1st advan… https://t.co/WQgJLU79Cb
RT @brandypickering: i did a lot of fucked up shit because my heart hurt.
@tessa_housh_ I'm coming to stilly this weekend ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@alexis_wheelerr oh my goodness I literally just saw this.. thank you so much, I miss you!!! 😭💘
@RowanUniversity the Housh needs an insta
RT @PLURf3ction: Full version on my YouTube; GabbyJDavid 😈😋 https://t.co/TLtZMZFXg5
RT @FIirtationship: dog: me: i would die for you
@gotthecure just the sole fact that you call him the housh every time makes me cry😂😂😂
RT @maddssbrew: I take my dog everywhere and treat her like a human and people think I'm strange for it but she's more loyal than most of y'all
RT @BarackObama: The four-week average of jobless claims fell to the lowest level since 1973—a sign of a healthy labor market. https://t.co/Lv7DnRM2DY
RT @ColIegeStudent: When u wake up for class and u gotta think about the attendance policy and how many classes u missed already https://t.co/BU1ssznI4J
RT @savannanichole1: If you don't treat your pets like they're your kids, don't have kids, please.
RT @maddssbrew: My dog is literally my best friend.
RT @ReIief: When ur human says "who's a good boy" and you already know it's you https://t.co/ReUCU7fMzA