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5 minutes in basketball time is 30 minutes in real time. I wish the real housewives was like this
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Funniest part of the Billy Joel concert? Drunk housewives dancing with their shorter husbands.
#KimRichards Pic Juliet Mills Richard Long David Doremus Trent Lehman Kim Richards TV Nanny
Realizing that the Scissorhands' housewives in polyester pantsuits serving ambrosia is probably lost on anyone much younger than myself.
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MJ from Desperate Housewives is so cute i want to cry
kim from housewives atlanta as stripper
Bitácora del viernes: Me comí un milky way mientras veía Desperate Housewives.
@CarricoS @StarsStripesFC They are in CA. There's an IV bar for rich housewives on every corner. Should be easy.
RT @DetonicsMKV: Muslims have meltdown after BBC airs ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’ - @IsraelVideos
all of the housewives get me on the edge of my seat
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@chrissyteigen real housewives reenactment hilarious
Caitlyn Jenner Isn’t Joining “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast”
RT @HWCulture: Chyka on #RHOS "Who ARE these women? They make Melbourne look like a bunch of school girls in comparison."…
But I'd rather get lost in a game that challenges my thinking and makes me solve things than binge on Netflix, HGTV, or Real Housewives of X
Ed Sheeran Needs The Help Of 2 ‘Real Housewives” To Make A Number 1 Hit! (via Fox411) #Celebrity
NeNe Leakes Says Her Contract's Gotta Be Richer than Kim's (VIDEO) - #starbuzz
Interracial Housewives Anikka Albrite
RT @DJBDEYEZ: @Andy I love Florida Georgia line! When r u gonna do real housewives of Copperopolis! #Bravo #WWHL #pleasecastme #arealhousewife 😘
RT @shayfromonline: When I finally end up on a season of real housewives, my tag line is gonna be "I may have sucked dick to get where i am but bitch I'm HERE!"
@Andy don't fuck with Trump keep.your sad life with housewives and other fake reality shows
RT @TMZ: Ed Sheeran Needs The Help Of 2 ‘Real Housewives” To Make A Number 1 Hit! (via @Fox411)