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@IamDamski like for example..u have ur fav housemate & I hve mine who is Efe..but we are still cool. Even parents have fav children #BBnaija
I've never been so Shook by a housemate the way Lady May had me shook Lmfaooooo. How she acted nothing is happening when Zainab/DKB fought
If you were a housemate, where would your loyalty lie? #BBNaija
If I could bring back 1 housemate it's SOMAdina all the way
@BBNaija It was so boring to me ever since Biggie himself started givin attention to 1 of housemate tot it was game but we can see its not.
that your housemate has been called into work. You then travel to their work to pick up the house keys, to then find that she just got home
my male housemate is blasting (and belting) Its the Climb by Miley Cyrus. bless him
Imagine leaving your keys at home bc you know your housemate will be able to let you in after work, then getting all the way home to find...
Housemate goals 👌🏼👌🏼
My Housemate locked me outside 😭 I don't even have her numbers😭😢
RT @Oggy_47: My housemate just asked me to play the song where he pulls up in a white Benz and leaves in a white one, he quite likes it
RT @dewii_SJ: Strawberry !!! 😋😍😍 Thanks housemate @nuramira_sheikh sebab belikan !! 😙😙
RT @MistressSalem: Humor My housemate and give him the answers
@King_Bariephide @iyencollins may the best housemate win... good evening! 😊
Hahaha satu housemate soking buat move sbb die dh buat move utk aku 😂
RT @MistressSalem: Humor My housemate and give him the answers
Former #BBNaija housemate, #TTT still intimidating with his…
RT @Mzlianne: That season was too lit! Every single housemate had his/her own story...each one of them! 😂😂😂 Even Huddah and Denzel who were evicted first.
RT @Mzlianne: Motamma was the most, if not the only forgettable housemate in The Chase
Today was a fantastic day to jerk with my housemate... Unf
RT @wan_run: Yang bdk kena rasuk ni, dia waksep semua housemate dia cakap "takut". Sebab dia nampak puteri ni ada kt dalam rumah
My housemate just scared away some kids who were hanging around outside by playing Careless Whisper on full blast😂