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RT @wroetoshaw: Hahaha some guy just dabbed in the House of Commons
RT @BestSeanR: The "Bonanza" cast flipping the bird on a @ViewMaster photo > Stephen Miller flashing a white power hand sign in th…
@realDonaldTrump so court decides that my house goes to the son and ex-wife administration!! I want to pay and live in it or rent- nope!..
RT @seabsbiscuit: Throwback to the good old days when @erikapanpan and I used to watch every Blackhawks game at grandma Marge's house…
@TruthFeedNews God forbid a law enforcement agency want justice and to expose a criminal politician before she possibly wins the White House
After 25 years The House O' Hockey Aspinwall Store Closing, Murrysville Store Stays OPEN!!
RT @HuffingtonPost: White House: States should get to decide whether to discriminate against LGBTQ students
RT @thepIugformemes: *bringing a girl back to my house* girl: you have condoms right? me: of course, i'm always ready to smash me:
RT @ltsKermit: House Hunters be like: I rock climb for living and my wife sells umbrella insurance from home. We have a budget of 1.3 million.
RT @Mikel_Jollett: Let's be very clear: Milo was an editor at Breitbart hired by Trump's closest advisor Steve Bannon. This hatred is in the White House.
RT @MyraHana_: Whoever see my cat around pls contact me. Last seen in Taman Rinting in my house :( pakai kolar warna coklat. RT pl…
RT @FidaShaikhPPP: Chairman PPP @BBhuttoZardari conducting interview of PPP Sukkur & Larkana, Division & District candidates at Bilawa…
@Reuters a real man, not a pussy like the oompa loompa in the White House.
RT @wroetoshaw: Hahaha some guy just dabbed in the House of Commons
@TheMikeDowd Stay strong we add more here. Me of the withe house a blackballed. Some thing of a cube or another. Li…
@artfilmfan @guardian Some of the main rightwing keyboard warriors barely leave the house.
RT @CNL_dist50boe: IL Sen Barickman and Rep Will Davis cite engagement of House Senate and Gov was one of best outcomes of ed funding reform #iledsummit17
RT @RepTomSawyer: Right now I wish we had just one more Democrat or one more strong moderate Republican in the Kansas House #ksleg
RT @h3h3productions: I'm that creepy guy that has portraits of himself in his house
Listen up Ivan Rogers! WTO spells out There is no “transitional”, no “trade deal”, no “half-way house”, no “Norway”