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RT @lachney_michael: This dog has a look that I can only describe as "hostage situation"
A perfect example why you shouldn't take your shoes and socks off in a hostage situation.
Grim situation. Ryan is the experienced and knowledgeable politician. Yet he's held hostage by an unfit, unhinged, bighot. Just wrong!
Damn I still need to take my vitamins and brush my teeth but I'm stuck in a cuddle hostage situation courtesy of my daughter
I liked a @YouTube video from @FaZeBlaziken FAZE HOUSE HOSTAGE SITUATION...
Casual hostage situation right across the street from my house, nbd
RT @bourgeoisalien: If you're a woman voting for Trump- is, is it like a hostage situation? Are you in a basement? Is it Stockholm syndrome? I- I'm worried...
Or til the bill comes, or the fucking ship going down, or its a hostage situation....SMDH.
RT @JaredWyand: @Hdimao you’re calling for submission. Taking in people who will attack us if we don’t is called a hostage situation
Do you think the kim k brief hostage situation was a real thing? faked? why? what are we being distracted...
"I could never be in a hostage situation because I'd have to pee so much and I think they limit pee breaks"
@lachney_michael @elloohell hostage situation that started in Afghanistan and then the bloody russians
RT @lachney_michael: This dog has a look that I can only describe as "hostage situation"
@AngiTaylorKISS you at a bar? you been kidnapped? or is this a hostage situation?
@rosalie_wayne "Well, I still need to confirm that. Do you know who you are, or how you ended up in hostage situation?"
This dog has a look that I can only describe as "hostage situation"
@veritasema was another hostage situation in Ten Forward then? Dang, that place gets action!
@joshtpm the Trump disaster at debate 3 might be Trump creating a hostage situation. I'm really only like 20% joking.
@rosalie_wayne --handling the victim of the hostage situation this evening. The doctor walks and talk with me until we reach your room. We'll bring you more details as they become available. Here's what we know so far: #TreywaySWAT @KRIS6News
RT @saletan: It's a hostage situation. Mostly in GOP, where pols are afraid to anger his people. But also for the country, since…