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RT @MuhammadbabaA: @Hawwahh especially parent they take u to hospital they give u a drug anybody that falls sick in the house must take the same
RT @TheLaunchMag: Today in 2005 Cam'ron is shot in DC They tell Killa to give up the Lambo. He says fuck you, gets shot then drives…
Se hacen los distintos cuando dejaron a dos pibes en el hospital... Hipócritas es poco
😶 (@ Hospital Melaka (Malacca General Hospital) in Melaka)
RT @devonnelvoyt: se todo mundo se organizar direitinho todo mundo vai ser atendido no hospital #TheWalkingDead
RT @jempawluh: "i was in the hospital, i died in a car accident" FAK I DIED LAUGHING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Alumnos de la Escuela 217 diseñaron el logo del Hospital de Rada Tilly. #RadaTilly
Interested in a #job in #USA? This could be a great fit: #Nursing #Hiring
RT @extraordinaRAY: In the same hospital where Biggie Smalls died...
NotRel: En la tapa de la patrulla llevaron al hospital a militar herido, relata policia de Culiacan -24Horas-
Alguém por gentileza pode vim aqui no hospital e trazer um notebook pra eu jogar um pouquinho de nada..
RT @JuanOrlandoH: 21 kms a beneficio de Fundación Hondureña Niño con Cáncer Emma Romero de Callejas, Casa Zulema y comité Pro- Ayuda…
#AGENDA LUN24OCT Alcalde @jhonnathanmarin Inspecciona avance de la construcción del Hospital de #Guanta Hora:10:00am @El_Noticiero
RT @sickbraat: Girl, interrupted (1999) Based on writer Susanna Kaysen's account of her 18-month stay at a mental hospital in the…
RT @drayush2: @mlkhattar ,@anilvijminister ,@cmohry This simple poster in casualty can save hundred of allow me to put t…
DOUBLE ROOM OX3/Churchill Hospital (JANUARY to ...: DOUBLE ROOM OX3/Churchill Hospital (JANUARY to JUNE 2017)...
"Violência não leva à lugar algum" DEPENDE, SE FALAR MAL DO LUAN NA MINHA FRENTE, TE LEVA PRO HOSPITAL...😏😂😂👊
Dollar shop explodes, woman in hospital - #Au #Aust
RT @KashmirDispatch: After #protest, #JKLF chief shifted to lone tertiary care hospital in #Kashmir | @KashmirDispatch…
my grandma in this hospital being messy💀
Time outs and check lists. They serve a purpose...Massachusetts hospital removed kidney from WRONG patient
응급수술중 [■■■□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□] 15%
RT @OnlyRiihanna: @OnlyRiihanna Rihanna donated $1.75 Million to a Cancer Hospital in Barbados