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"It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again."
RT @9GAG: I'm in a serious relationship with my wifi. You could say we have a …connection.
Bring out the fire trucks w/water cannons and hose the punks down. It would probably be the 1st bath they had in we… https://t.co/DCKKBrhE2c
RT @DickHumbler: you like a few tweets back to back I'm assuming you trying get ya dick sucked like a vacuum hose 🙇🏾‍♀️
@archievalsus i'm gonna put my hose in your face
Is this the dress they gave Debbie Rise or she hose to wear her own dress again this week? 🙄 #BBNaija
@localtinkerbell and choke her with a hose
@archievalsus i still crack up at our hose drama
End 4th CU - 1 PC - 1 The Camels double up the Blue Hose to end the inning
RT @EvilAngelVideo: Sexy @DahliaSkyx gets fucked in her tight blue panty hose by @MickBluexxx. Watch her ass get stuffed:… https://t.co/uX4kP8SbUJ
OPW Recalls Gas Station Hose Swivel Connectors Due to Fire, Explosion Hazards https://t.co/i3dqggh0Si
".... und dann hat sich die Jane Fonda eine bunte Hose angezogen und begonnen, Leute zu quälen" 😂 ... O-Ton Zeitgeschichte-Prof zu den 80ern
RT @BrookeTylerxxx: Got thirsty on the way to Charleston SC, had to stop and take a drink from the hose 😜😈 https://t.co/3Cv66zgQw7 R… https://t.co/THD04NuSoG
Deals – Chapin G362 Hose End Sprayer $17.35 shipped @ Home Depot https://t.co/RtKgGYPFz5 https://t.co/Wsr8aEtPMa
RT @Meduza___: Manche Worte gehen in die Hose, andere wiederum direkt ins Höschen.
Dieser Moment, wenn ich mir schon bei einem einfachen "Hey" in die Hose kacke, als hätte ich mein Todesurteil unterschrieben...
RT @Suicidal_Smoker: I wish i had a long penis so i could beat people to death with it like a hose
Hat der Silbereisen der Fischer die Hose geklaut? #Schlagercountdown
Can't Wait Till My Open Hose 🎊🤗 .
RT @anredo: Mehr Loch als Hose. #DSDS
#Schlagercountdown John Kellys Karo-Hose ist auf jeden Fall 1994 😰