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RT @lexiichristina: 😂😂😂😂😂😂not the gas hose https://t.co/BZAgmEwQms
RT @QUIRKIEBIRD_: ✨ Night ✨ All ✨🌛💫 Starry Night Jake Hose https://t.co/t7xX3BMzsg
@SharylAttkisson @realDonaldTrump Just to play devils advocate, if someone wants a drink of water, they don’t neces… https://t.co/uhaBSn4QdD
@wjudge01 Fix the level of the hose by the car it should have the cable running in the centre @ the car.
@ItsAMettWorld @UndefeatedTint1 Und keine Bügelfalte in der Hose.
Girl the hose cost so much when you run that water i feel him 😂 https://t.co/C0sO8f6DuT
RT @ABC: FIREFIGHTER IN TRAINING: A little boy in New York practices carrying a hose to become a firefighter one day—just li… https://t.co/61pWSzQo0D
Vegas Golden Knights vs San Hose Sharks tonight. who will Win! Go, knights, go!!!
RT @ovieali: Borno state has completed their PVC pipe factory. With the capacity to meet up the demand of the entire North East,… https://t.co/LYH17pUtux
RT @GaGaOverEnEn: Love what he does with his tongue and cheek. 😘 look at hose arms of his.... and thighs....Mr. Handsome Wang https://t.co/bhOO2rKfyT
RT @_coltkinney: I’d rather drink out of a garden hose honestly https://t.co/39TZRytDaX
RT @H2ODrinkIt: inside you there are two wolves one has an inflation fetish the other is wondering why theres a hose stuck up his ass
RT @_coltkinney: I’d rather drink out of a garden hose honestly https://t.co/39TZRytDaX
Someone please hose down this filthy thing. https://t.co/1auTEnbPVY
学校行ってくるわ 3時間授業w
Thanks to the @dcfireems 2nd Battalion Company's for facilitating today's multi-discipline drill. Crews demonstrat… https://t.co/JohAXYhdvJ
I'm still waiting on the penalty to be called when babe left the pits with the fuel hose
@Maphiin Problem bei mir ist, über hinter Schreibtisch sind Kabel und dat hätte fast beim ersten mal meine Tastatur… https://t.co/jTL9UG5bfr
still rolling wit the people i used to drink out the water hose with
Puig was about to HOSE Molina lmaoooo
RT @LadyE_tellem: Bruh she took the whole gas pump hose 🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/dNa8hDCj4r