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A hoe is going be a hoe until the day she die you can't turn no hoe into a hose wife wait Stevie J did it Oh nevermind 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
This is a VERY modern take on Mickey Mouse. Even though it’s technically inspired by rubber hose era Mickey and Fri… https://t.co/Wbe0aY6ILK
Popfeel Hose Original Make-up Cover Foundation Concealer https://t.co/nZOvJaMbfw
@Jon4Lakers @DetroitBORG @GeekyNerdDad Sucks that your neighbor has that security camera though, I’d break it “acci… https://t.co/1MewCsTV7s
Look at this bitch heart it got a hose attached now.
RT @imBLKD: Hardinero, pagkatapos magdilig: It's over for you, hose.
Bro, we are in a drought, don’t hose your driveway down! Get a broom to dust off that spec of grass!
RT @Texas_Dexter: Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo snagging a drink from a garden hose ❤ https://t.co/9lkIygb684
RT @SFWarriorNation: Draymond Green Caption for TW: hose hoping for a Warriors implosion – dream on ✊ #DubNation https://t.co/Ejrm6WIHjN
Roses are red, lotion is for skin, be my valentine, or get the hose again. https://t.co/1uqDbvuBpv
RT @THICJ00N: me: hi hose- hoseok: at this moment i am wearing the price of the lives of ALL your family members on my pinky finger.
@YourSharkGF This is a 4 hose... upper 200s. Weve had it like 5 years
Tool Accessories Deals | High Pressure Cleaner Trigger Variable Pistol Nozzle With 10m Hose For LAVOR VAX BS | For… https://t.co/mZ5OJf8u4X
RT @spookymoonkitty: Roses are for vases Lotion is for skin You will be my valentine Or it gets the hose again https://t.co/esE5y1PzVy
RT @WrestleHangout: Jay White is the new IWGP champ in @njpwglobal! How do we feel about it? And how do we feel about Charlotte being t… https://t.co/7dCfXa5han
@HOSE_twt hello bby don't skip your breakfast
@FinchinABQ Somebody just put a hose out their window? WTF?
RT @GlendaleFire: On the day of his 29th anniversary with Glendale Fire, Captain Tony Silva learned about new hose management techniq… https://t.co/7YPORuxbDy
Then I ran a very small thin air hose