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I almost died because a brick was missing @gwen_hopper_
Coast Guard Station, Two Lights, Maine by Edward Hopper Born: 22 July 1882; Nyack, New York, United States Died:... https://t.co/Mh3rC1zmv3
Hopper shows signs of PTSD by having consistent flashbacks to his daughter & abusing alcohol. She died after showing signs of having cancer.
"hopper can't be a dilf because his daughter died" I'm SCREAMING
RT @AlWilson725: @Rontildawn @HillaryClinton His name is Seth Rich and he "mysteriously" died right before DNC leaks... shot four times in the back in DC.
People would sue netflix if @DavidKHarbour character would have died on the show i would also sue netflix if Chief… https://t.co/XBDTpCZba6
@BoldHarrington to forget because as far as he knew, he had died but hopper and his mom brought him back, but everything was a blur after-
@JustCallMeRix I did too but then Hopper left those eggos in the forest 🤔 but Barb died in the upside down, didn't she?
@unrulyoracle In the bios,Cali claims they last saw Kurt on the 2nd,Hopper says the same incident was the 5th,the day he died-big difference
@bigbenhoward @TechRaptr A lot of journos lost their heads when Gawker died. They know their outlets have screwed many people.
Hey @webn glad to know your keeping Dennis hopper alive by posting that he died.....again. Your only 6 years late. #GeneWilder
If one of my favorites died, I'd be right there quoting my favorite lines. Like I did when Dennis Hopper died.#ripDennisHopper
How did I not know Dennis Hopper died 6 years ago?
Wait, Dennis Hopper died today, too??? Nah that can't be correct
Eleven just did what she had done from the beginning. Matt Modine just, tripped, fell down and died(?). Hopper went in, got Will, came out.
@hannahbouckley Hopper getting in black car suggests he was part of agency before daughter died, breakdown and becoming cop