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Happpppy birthday @pewdiepie !!!!! We made a video for u. Hope u like it!! Luv ya!!! Brofist form Hong Kong!👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 https://t.co/OemdUb21tM
Hong Kong bourse to introduce volatility controls for derivatives market https://t.co/NMoC0beDcW via @Reuters
RT @SindicaEstudian: Toda nuestra solidaridad con quienes son reprimidos por apoyar #HuelgaRevalidas26O !! Apoya y difunde la noticia https://t.co/FfsI8QIIOv
British banker Rurik Jutting tortured victim for three days, court told https://t.co/hwyzqUOm7w
Cathay Pacific y Lufthansa operarán conjuntamente los servicios de 'handling' en Hong Kong https://t.co/V0RLrZyMyh
好耐無出去,見到好多朋友! hkust Mentoring High-Table Dinner @ W Hotel Hong Kong https://t.co/jaM0WY1g7I
RT @ArtofNBG: Bitfinex Seeks Communication With Bitcoin Thief On August 2nd the Hong Kong-based #Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex was … https://t.co/Z3TDBgt8Z8
RT @irishexaminer: British banker 'tortured woman for days before killing her in Hong Kong' https://t.co/EOMBImfmv5 https://t.co/zeqyAQbxNz
Hong Kong driver arrested after double-decker collides with minibus, injuring 18 - South China Morning Post https://t.co/Z07Dfm9pr8 -FR
British banker accused of killing two women 'tortured victim for three days while using cocaine' - trial… https://t.co/clMjs2X36Y
RT @KYOTO_SHOEGAZER: [DAYDREAM Kyoto Day1 ACT.] sea of tranquility(from Hong Kong) https://t.co/IQbp8I0MCI https://t.co/oZgSgNjFqM
RT @SindicaEstudian: Toda nuestra solidaridad con quienes son reprimidos por apoyar #HuelgaRevalidas26O !! Apoya y difunde la noticia https://t.co/FfsI8QIIOv
RT @nama_mugi_: 11/1(火)Juice=Juice ミニ写真集『Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 IN TAIPEI & HONG KONG 2015』★Shop限定L判特典写真付き★… https://t.co/j5wDs3hIuw
Victim 'tortured for days' by British murderer accused in Hong Kong - AsiaOne: AsiaOneVictim 'tortured for da... https://t.co/K8PwmjuD1q
#HuelgaRevalidas26O Primeras represiones por apoyar la huelga @ConsuladoEspHK ataca a estudiantes @SindicaEstudian https://t.co/mOhrq9GprU
RT @JohnMho: Next episode of #JohnHoInc on Hong Kong time Tue 9am (Mon 9pm PST) Stay tuned #Periscope 👍🏼 https://t.co/478eyNhjqx
RT @BOPTheatre: MIRANDA & CALIBAN: THE MAKING OF A MONSTER Sat 5th Nov & Sun 6th Nov – Glasgow & Hong Kong https://t.co/0KXNuSScZ7 https://t.co/pvgMsEsFaR
RT @courtneyact: Dear @ladygaga , I have a 7 hour flight to Hong Kong today and I am excited to sit back, relax and put Joanne on repeat!
El @ConsuladoEspHK reprime la concentración en solidaridad con la #HuelgaRevalidas26O. Exigimos responsabilidades!!… https://t.co/3mrq0VgPVY
Hong Kong stocks follow China market higher amid yuan depreciation concern https://t.co/HQT7pObWEd via @Reuters
RT @ILoveBernie1: RT davidgraeber: Bank of America/Merill Lynch trader tortures two Indonesian migrant workers to death for fun. https://t.co/dcMmwuoJtM
I'm at Aeroporto Internazionale di Hong Kong - @hkairport in Islands District, Hong Kong https://t.co/HGa0NvdvtC
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