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ミ   ⊂⊃  彡   ((´・J・`)(∵))  ゚*。☆─∪∪─☆*゚ お仕事がんばってね
RT @Rina4Khan: Do u see this list? Isnt it a reason for pride? The amazing work that Yunho and other are doing. Work that deserves… https://t.co/OSYuGrA1gY
Tem uns homin sem senso demais tá é tirano
RT @ihavebeensober: Good old days. I feel warm inside everytime I watch happy HOMIN story. Yunho used to put on Changmin’s underwear b… https://t.co/wFzvVTgNEE
あ       さ        で         す         よ          ぉ         ぉ         ぉ        ォ …(*ノ•̀J•́*)ノ
久しぶりに走った! 冬なのに半袖で過ごせる😂笑
@kazumi2160 おはようございます そして お誕生日おめでとう ございま~す❤٩( ᐛ )و🎉 Happy Homin Day! に続き Happy ホミン和美 Day! お祝いですね👍🏼
イヤッッホォォォオオォオウ! *   +   巛\         〒|    +    ||  *   +   / /    (´・J・ ) / / +    /~  |    /ュヘ  |*  + (_〕)  |     /
@m_arcio_ @peppermint_127 ISTO É A FALÁCIA HOMIN NÃO SEI OQ UE