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RT @DavidAJaeger: Congrats to @Alan_Krueger and Orley Ashenfelter on having a direct impact on worker' welfare in the U.S. The chanc… https://t.co/F2qD7VLqY3
RT @ofcomCHen: Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard appointed member of a High-Level Panel on #DigitalCooperation https://t.co/K3Iq7wn2WF
RT @mainecoonadopts: Help kitties while you shop! July 17th is Amazon Prime Day. When you shop on Prime Day, be sure to shop through… https://t.co/kNYMiT1QTJ
state cannot breach individual privacy.. state's power must b limited to this extent https://t.co/HUtgg5Yub0
#RK802 -YUME GO AROUND-】今夜の #RK802 は「劇場版ポケットモンスター みんなの物語」(@pokemon_movie)を特集!&サッカー Jリーグチケットプレゼントも♪… https://t.co/HfE1eyi331
Passengers of two Indigo airplanes had a close shave over the Bengaluru airspace. #IndiGo https://t.co/jNrt6ZRJoJ
RT @usenextjournal: We're taking the next steps in making research reproducible. For a taste, check out our new homepage, featured arti… https://t.co/ySuZfzgqRd
Passend zum neuen Look der Homepage hat die Mobile Beratung im RB Düsseldorf nun auch einen neuen Info-Flyer im Ang… https://t.co/IQzo3nHmjw
RT @ionbits: $ION #ionomy #2 - Gaming Off Road Heat homepage: https://t.co/pOne9a5wio Off Road Heat - Android:… https://t.co/yNWCPOLWbk
RT @CarinaVanceEC: Que la industria se auto regula dicen... 40 años escondiendo asbestos en talco https://t.co/d5GliM2mdf
RT @k0mamid0ri: 【同志まで届け、性癖の煙】 『御阿礼の子』の東方二次創作をしています。東方キャラの面々を過去の姿で登場させたり、歴史上の実在人物を織り交ぜてみたり。 創作歴史・伝奇・アジアンファンタジー好きな方に是非届いて欲しいです!! 最近… https://t.co/ll706Sc0nH
RT @God_sgirl: 🔊PATRIOTS // HEED THIS🔊 RETWEET: ♦️Hope it Twitter process doesn't remove the real profiles.♦️ https://t.co/PAn56FJotp
RT @the_hindu: British authorities have arrested two of the former Pakistan prime minister’s grandsons in London over a scuffle wi… https://t.co/HfNqfSIleG
RT @CIDI_nieuws: De EU verlangt van Israel dat het haar besluit terugdraait om de grens met Gaza te sluiten. Hamas wordt door de EU… https://t.co/KHLUrLaSMK
RT @HillaryClinton: How many ways can this administration show us they don’t care about kids? Another example of rejecting science & pu… https://t.co/nt82ocdzGU
RT @KristenClarkeJD: New York election laws are among the most arcane in the nation. https://t.co/og65qnGPGx
“A common thread linking “hard” Brexiteers to nationalists across the globe is that they resent the very idea of go… https://t.co/9knEC8xKp0
Ich sitze dann mal mit meinem Hexenschuss ein bisschen vor der geschlossenen Arztpraxis die laut Homepage geöffnet haben müsste.
RT @climatecouncil: Study Finds: Australians are growing increasingly worried about #climatechange and our lack of action… https://t.co/dCy14Npb4C