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Preps notebook: Jake Zenger enjoying senior year at FSHS @LJWorld https://t.co/9keEq1rpIM
RT @markmobility: The Trump administration continues its criminally incompetent care of migrant children. It now has lost track of ne… https://t.co/5YGVLOT7Zu
Not on TV, for sure... I saw it on my AT&T homepage when I got on the ol' laptop, yesterday. 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️😎 https://t.co/ZPuh97rpJX
Detroit Become Human - Personaje Marcus https://t.co/79xgyP6SRS
RT @AlanTonelson: Absolutely no contemporary evidence offered by #Krugman for the header's claim. None. Clearly, @nytopinion feels… https://t.co/qpgyTWCZ5w
National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving to kick off Independence celebrations https://t.co/vlJU80oa2b
RT @bing: Ahoy mateys! Did ye know that #TalkLikeAPirateDay be over twenty years old? Take our quiz and put your pirate parla… https://t.co/qOAoRRx4PH
FEATURED on @TIDAL homepage and electronic homepage #NewRelease Drumm Chimp “Reverb & The Rabbitpeople” 😆😆😆… https://t.co/wy56KF3jIZ
RT @StoryHinckley: Check this amazing piece of journalism out: https://t.co/idxCSHBEJD
RT @OnePerfectShot: SCANNERS (1981) DP: Mark Irwin Director: David Cronenberg Stream it right now on @FilmStruck:… https://t.co/AMCVPNhXIp
RT @nofundis: Etwa so hört sich das an, wenn 60 Feminist*innen proben die Stimme gegen christlichen Fundamentalismus zu erheben u… https://t.co/vdLwIAFvTW
RT @JeroenStruben: The daunting challenges identified in this article are not incorrect but, at least for now, rather than Tela's main… https://t.co/uJ1TTFjwdw
RT @dudleytt: 明日、土曜日夜、ちわきまゆみさんのラジオ番組“THE MAJESTIC SATURDAY NIGHT”にゲスト出演する。収録時はまるでカフェで雑談しているみたいにリラックスして時間が流れていった。 大阪発、関西エリア、FM COC… https://t.co/8zPfvnNRTD
RT @GlennThrush: Emblematic that the first anniversary of the Puerto Rico catastrophe that killed 3,000 Americans is being overshado… https://t.co/HiDn0TeOFq
RT @wrappedinflag: Dr Christine Blasey-Ford has moved out of her home, secured security for herself and her family because of attacks,… https://t.co/67ordKqnbT
Great work by @Ford bringing technology to the road that will improve the efficiency and safety of travel:… https://t.co/bTFoQhKUtT
RT @sbmitche: I was discussing one aspect of this conflict in class yesterday, namely how Duterte’s cooperation with China render… https://t.co/iMpSyM3loO
I've never been to New York City (except half a day when I was eleven years old); however, the Village Voice helped… https://t.co/GSGvL9sTIi
RT @DanRather: A sobering read about a geopolitical hotspot - the South China Sea. https://t.co/hHdUEd1zq8
@Fantaghiro59 Och, das reicht schon. Sind ja nur noch Nullen übrig! LOL Schon Feierabend auf der Homepage:… https://t.co/Z0YyDYAMl7
RT @dartmouthalumni: The @Google homepage features a familiar face today – Fred Rogers '50! And if you're looking for a little more Mr.… https://t.co/JddYgjijrY
RT @dartmouthalumni: The @Google homepage features a familiar face today – Fred Rogers '50! And if you're looking for a little more Mr.… https://t.co/JddYgjijrY