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RT @eos_mulatto: JSU homecoming start off has been great!!!! #JSUHomecoming16
#Homecoming is around the corner. Will you go #nude for the big night? https://t.co/qALEu4YFhb https://t.co/Vadm64CGCT
RT @d_griggs: The LU Lamar homecoming shuffle peeps learn it https://t.co/866MqQY87s
RT @d_griggs: The LU Lamar homecoming shuffle peeps learn it https://t.co/866MqQY87s
RT @jwowwgorey: already miss homecoming and this dad 💕🍺 https://t.co/iFjm6B6wwv
Spider-Man Homecoming: Andrew Garfield sull’ingresso dell’Uomo Ragno nel MCU https://t.co/mvMaYP5Lm5 #thexeon
@Mr_Adversityy Congratulations man! Geaux Cajuns! See you November 5th for homecoming! ❤️🏈🌶
RT @okstateaxid: Today we remember the four victims and all those affected by the Homecoming parade tragedy #StillwaterStronger
Homecoming this Wednesday!!! Get your tickets
I think I know which homecoming events I'm going to involve myself in this year.
Drunk af!!!!! Starting homecoming off right. Just missing on thing😟😈😡
RT @__jaajaa: Homecoming got my pockets broke , my sleep schedule messed up , & my motivation for school a lil gone 💀 but it was lit 🔶🔷🎯
RT @_JSleezy: This weekend really about to be unforgettable, first college homecoming will be lit and you know how #UIUC20 coming 🤘🏾⛽️‼️💃🏾
Tally was lit for homecoming
these homecoming proposals are a little too much...
RT @teddyjvanity: The TEXAS STATE SHUFFLE 🤘🏽🐾 Homecoming Tailgate Edition (wait till the end) 😂😂😂 https://t.co/xyKJpfKPUL
Idk why I subject myself to military homecoming videos I already know I'm gunna cry
RT @edlaurenz: I deadass just asked myself to homecoming--the video #LOVEYOURSELF https://t.co/OnX34KDq80
RT @ILoveMCR: Popular pizza joint @CrazyPedros famous for their wacky creations, is now serving these beauties (limited time only) https://t.co/eG37MiWOae
RT @Tiffanybr00ke2: 1 day into homecoming week and i'm already falling apart. go pokes
RT @HIITMANonDECK: Im trynna wake up and be like .. DAMN ! Yep 😎 ! that means it's homecoming
This has been the worst week yet, starting off Homecoming with a cold 👎🏾
RT @annaburman4: homecoming was always my fav part of highschool so now that it's over that's kinda sad....