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Taiko Drumming at Sado Island, Home of World-Famous Kodo Group @Visit_Japan #travel https://t.co/THgdzV91vR via @iAmAileen
@1kBrando 250 shot gotta go big or go home
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Damn i actually miss the. Each. Wanna go back home
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A vulnerable teenager claims a cop raped her in his patrol car after picking her up when she was kicked out of home… https://t.co/NR2fuh6jl6
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When you can't quit jamming out and you drive all the way home with your headphones in.... 😳*face*👋🏼*palm* #newemojis#noupdateneeded
What to Do a Year Before Buying Your First Home The ultimate timeline ensures the smoothest of transitions to... https://t.co/w7I2ItOPv6
I refuse to go to the store, I need to go straight home...but I need roll up 😩😩
I wanna go home now
RT @S3XTARO: i want jotaro kujo to come into my home and punch me in the head killing me instantly
I have the daily routine of a Beverly Hills stay at home mom
Who do you know that might be interested in this home? https://t.co/dVUmj0bN9z
@tjx is planning a new chain that could deliver another blow to department stores https://t.co/okNig0U1LE
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