RT @HafizVonPJ: @adibahnoor Mine was adopted by my mom and sister. It was a stray kitten behind our home. Some evil b****** poured… https://t.co/ZjeBcgVh8V
ピクサル『起きられますか? すばらしい!体温、徐々に上昇 活動レベルが覚醒に向かっています めざましい成果ですよ!』
RT @omidong: Rode a taxi on my way home and the driver suddenly expressed his sentiments against the price hikes. "Yung pagtaas… https://t.co/1g6AAw1bwb
RT @tonypox: Imagine a scenario where a woman bashes a man's car in Lagos, and when the guy steps down to have a word with the W… https://t.co/9g7BgfFP83
RT @AlbanianRevert: i’m just dreaming of the day i have my own islamic library at home w a prayer room tbh https://t.co/CkO1TxzxFy
RT @UniversalyBlack: 10 year old me after I just got my ass whooped and start planning how I’m gonna run away from home https://t.co/4O8WY8nDAa
Jesus says an island will be fun to be a part of in time but it won't be as much fun as I think. It will be one Mir… https://t.co/CE6LBx8kuo
RT @RossThomson_MP: See below Exhibit A of the sheer contempt that the SNP has for Brexiteers. They chastise the 1m Scottish leave vote… https://t.co/hj5mQ70hCA
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RT @Jasonbr52158545: Every single American taken from China Turkey Noko Potus left nobody like poor Otto like Obama.He is a real leader… https://t.co/qri5WmAsYu
RT @ussoccer_wnt: 1991: ⭐️ 1999: ⭐️⭐️ 2015: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Pack your bags. We're going to France 2019 to bring home ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. https://t.co/JzH7P3CMLR
RT @EngineersDay: [Job] Project Engineer (Construction Manager) | Company: Construction Industry | Location: Stockton CA California U… https://t.co/JoxO7w9hJV
RT @UniversalyBlack: 10 year old me after I just got my ass whooped and start planning how I’m gonna run away from home https://t.co/4O8WY8nDAa
@GMB I voted brexit can’t wait to leave. Campbell is a snob he can afford to stay in eu try living on 59p a day no… https://t.co/hpQnEwSli2
RT @bbclaurak: 7. And, last one, the strangest thing about all of this, is a lot of the objection at home is about something UK ha… https://t.co/ICRrEu320F
RT @kadokawabooks: 『聖女の魔力は万能です』羽多野渉さん演じるシチュエーションオーディオを公開中!!  すでに1万再生突破しました! https://t.co/EQMgGhM00L #ComicWalker
RT @facebookmom224: that moment in icarly when spencer brought home an ostrich and had a smoothie in one hand and carly asked “what is… https://t.co/rRnN2qsaDI
RT @bigcatjohnny: dhdncndk they really made Johnny say “dad’s home!” for this game LMAO https://t.co/tGwADJn74b
RT @_ladyjayye: It’s officially “once I’m home I ain’t coming back out” season Lmaoo
@crstn216 Literally every single computer, first phone and register went BLACK! 30 mins before closing lol. We sent everyone home early.
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