Work & go home. Go out and flex when needed not often though .
RT @k1mfucious: Every girl carrying her PE clothes home on Fridays in the yellow F21 bag s https://t.co/wvFHt3i246
RT @jescalanterr: Met you when I was studying in Barcelona on the metro. You learned English for me and I learned French for you. In… https://t.co/yEVU6GHN7i
Ever heard of home fans being moved out of our own stand to move for away fans who bought ‘uncovered’ tickets. Me n… https://t.co/zPHfobfekf
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RT @Becbaines: Fabulous idea at Sefton Hall Care Home - an ice cream shop for residents in the garden 🍦@DevonKiteMark @CoxonGeorge https://t.co/OdL0od1win
Är det sant i Sverige 2017: behövs det diskussion om vi ska ha tex sjuksköterskor men ansiktet täckt eller 5-åringa… https://t.co/v0vQWrL5q7
RT @gabscaraballo1: Anyone, please. Dogs will begin to be euthanized after capacity. Take an animal to a loving, caring home. https://t.co/5kWhZ7g5Pk
@kim_ikazi @debmc118 @IanDunt Please explain... How am I the muppet for not wanting second hand smoke in my home fr… https://t.co/Hjdr7fMgw3
RT @TheRock: Crazy it all started 21yrs ago today. Made my @wwe debut. My #1 goal was buy my parents their first home. 3yrs late… https://t.co/5J3dfafLK2
today walking home i overheard someone ask their friend if bloods and crips were considered political parties
RT @SimonBird_: BREAKING.... NEW RECORD: Sunderland have gone 20 games without a home win. Worst run ever in top four divisions #recordbreakers #roycastle
RT @myqcmallards: GAME DAY ➡ The Mallards are back at home tonight as we host the @kc_mavericks at 7:05PM. There will be a… https://t.co/toT6KoDD0g
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BACK HOME! 🧚🏻‍♀️
RT @RespectMyElders: Being raped, beaten, seeing your parents divorce, getting bad grades, losing a game, a friend committing suicide, a… https://t.co/LZPnjZ40xq
RT @cscudder: After JFK, the @dallascowboys were the primary source of civic pride and helped #Dallas move past its negative imag… https://t.co/oeSZ3wkbZX
@LeroyBaMBaM Bring home the gold brother
@RobbyTheremin @SylvonnaL Dear Heavenly Father, Be with Kelly as she prepares to come home to you. Give her family… https://t.co/10UXrHjfhS
Yung nagtatanong ka sa lahat kung nagawa na ba nila yung take home activities..para alam mo na hindi lng ikaw yung… https://t.co/QZbCzN0PBR
RT @hoesuueee: Me at school: ok when I get home I'm gonna be productive and catch up on work Me when I get home: https://t.co/5lHfJVVpum
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RT @memeprovider: Bae: Come over. Me: I can't I'm refereeing a wrestling match. Bae: My parents aren't home. https://t.co/U67yclnlmJ