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RT @elonmusk: Happy Home Planet Day!
RT @mama_ashley_: Earth Day is in 2 days! Here are 60 changes you can make to help this beautiful planet we call home 🌱🌎 https://t.co/t08F06BqWp
Sooooo...the plan was home, gin & TV! But there is nothing I want to watch....just the gin then!!!! https://t.co/yLfb8EMzgW
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@_tyraleee Girl yes he does! He’s an old man! Talking about he need more bullets because he can’t find them at home 🙄
If I look a little fatter when I come home don’t judge me, these Europeans don’t play with carbs dude
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RT @WatchYazz: I bring my kid to a party & see this then we going back home https://t.co/KXHExyhp1n
@anita_vams U can stay at home till may 1st (worker's day) Kuku enjoy it daada
RT @chartdata: World Digital Song Sales: #4(new) HOME, @BTS_twt.
RT @chartdata: Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100: #1(new) HOME, @BTS_twt.
Being good. You’re not funny I can’t track you. I’m in the woods bitch. Im coming home and you better be there. I w… https://t.co/BxFKksXW5w
RT @spanish_btss: .@BTS_twt CASI logra 4 canciones en el HOT100. HOME & Mikrokosmos estaban allí cerca del puesto en n.1 y n.2. Diony… https://t.co/kthBnncGNQ
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RT @3zoozvic: #حمله_ستين_الف_نمر_بالجوهره ✅ الاتحاد لم يخسر اخر ٦ مباريات ✅ الاتحاد اكثر من يسجل اخر ٦ مباريات ✅ اهم مباراه لل… https://t.co/0g0ApJrD02
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