Instead trying to come for Mariah Carey you barbz keep investing your time spreading that holy trinity shit so u can sleep in peace at night
my full legend team hits 31k+ hp holy moly
RT @spacemadchen: u know what this all reminds me of? this holy picture https://t.co/a9CyeLazyp
RT @Marvel0usJesus: For God saved us and called us to live a holy life. … to show us His grace through Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 1:9
Holy shit, just read "The Handmaid's Tale"... 's wikipedia page. Mind = Blown. Really though, my interest is... https://t.co/6g08vc5o8t
RT @jonathanchait: FBI has info indicating Trump campaign coordinated with Russian hackers. Holy. Cow. https://t.co/B1tjECOkMg
every time the wind blows I'm like "holy shit she's waking up!"
@SpiceyDollxxx Just discovered you today.. HOLY MOLY!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥😍😍😍😍😍😍
WTF My heart literally hurts right now after watching S12 E11 of Bones. Holy S*** @emilydeschanel @DavidBoreanazPL @TJThyne @michaelaconlin
@CaseyKennedy98 @WORLDSTARC0MEDY I miss the office so much holy shit
Jacob has been knocked out next to me & ive been bawling for the past like hour reading this book because just like holy shit 😭💘🤷🏼‍♀️
RT @SHSLSoutou: holy shit its sans tony komaeda once-ler junkrat gamzee undertale https://t.co/7a3jTW27th
RT @HoodJesusYo: When you let the Holy Spirit have His way https://t.co/pdTfe4NxJR
RT @ACatholicPrayer: Jesus, meek and humble of heart, have mercy on us. Pray the Holy Name #litany at https://t.co/u6Jfy55mbo
RT @TheSwogBlog: holy fuck i gotta check out this new Chappelle shit immediately https://t.co/cIXCJSMJag
RT @YunggScalabrine: I don't even feel this way at all anymore holy fuck my brain is broken https://t.co/dMKMWoM3KL
@JoshPriceWrites this show really is blowing me away holy moly
Holy shit, when i off my night mode, so white, my eyessssss 😣
@SavorThyFlesh //If I wasn't scared he'd eat me, id climb him like a tree. Holy hell. Just yes.
RT @stressedmuslim: most muslims can barely wake up for fajr yet we have people who think we really wanna start a holy war
Holy shit I miss my bestfriend
RT @BillRatchet: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit https://t.co/nGyWR82KYI