also an anon just asked me for fic recs holy crap
RT @BenedictEvans: Magic Leap is one of only a handful of genuine 'holy shit I can't believe I'm seeing this' moments I've had as an adult. Previous was iPhone
@SubparShitpost this guy needs to be stopped holy fuck
и тут теперь ВОТ ЭТОТ МОМЕНТ под o holy night и я просто стараюсь беззвучно трястись потому что столько эмоций передать невозможно
The holy grail has been found. 😁 https://t.co/ioOESu8ygx
RT @ArianatorIsland: I'm still so shook over these. holy shit. https://t.co/607GQkh5xW
chicken dippers cooked in nandos sauce are my holy grail no lie
Holy Sh!tsnacks is our full coverage micro glitter from the Codename: Duchess collection. See the live application… https://t.co/0lPiMLOXT3
@Itssarahmeyer_ ich bin ja eher in love mit deiner handyhülle. Holy shit *-*
Some ppl are so close-minded holy shittt
My aesthetic is Lauren in a pants suit holy shit https://t.co/b7B7aVOdll
RT @sexuaI: guy moans are the hottest thing ever like holy fuck
@theneedledrop Holy shit completely roasted
RT @jordanraem: Kid in one of my classes: "I'm a quadruplet." Professor: "Holy shit. Oops I'm sorry but actually not really haha"
RT @5HDinahsty: #DinahDeserves to have her holy vocals blasted on every speaker in the entire world all at once 🔊🌎 https://t.co/BVMyOCYrnn
YO WE GET OUT OF HERE SUPER EARLY ON FRIDAYS HOLY SHIT It's cuz of some religious thing. I don't know what specifically but AAAAYYYY
Can i get a Big Amen !.. God Bless you Rev. Felix Omobude for blessing us at #CompleteRestoration ( 2016 Holy... https://t.co/SCqXnj5U60