Drink my tears, i'm at your mercy I Love you most, but i'm not worthy I'll give my soul,sacrifice me Cause your love is holy
✨ ☄✨ ☄✨ ☄ Silent night ✨ ☄✨ ☄✨ ☄ Holy night ✨ ☄✨ ☄✨ ☄ All is calm ✨ ☄✨ ☄✨ ☄ All is bright ✨ ☄ Wishing you all brightness My Caring Friends
the wyclef jean video is so fucking funny holy shit
@Basymatsu ikr and the first time too? i kept muttering 'HOLY SHIT' at the screen
Holy moly, is this a contest! Would love to win this myself, if only to spare my wallet the starvation. https://t.co/HeknxCo6Kj
RT @gothlatina: getting fingered is my passion
RT @lgmaterna: #Inauguration ATTENTION ‼️ DEMOCRATS LISTEN TO YOUR 'HOLY' LEADER. #ItsComplicated #LibsEatTheirOwn https://t.co/0epBURuxit
ムーンダンス 君のあまい吐息に 包まれ踊れば Holy Night
RT @ashu3page: Former Akali leader and SGPC secretary Sukhdev Singh Bhaur joins Aam Aadmi Party, he had Quit SAD over sacrilige of… https://t.co/6xRffI7awr
RT @Amazing_Maps: The imperial roads that were used by travellers in Medieval times. The roads were under the protection of the Holy… https://t.co/ZmEzp0JfmS
RT @manny_ottawa: Holy cow when celebrity icon @ThePerezHilton frowns on Justin there can be no greater rebuff to Justin's core fana… https://t.co/IT16A1KxF7
Кто у нас немножко даун? Этооооооо Майон.
Bak şimdi çevrendekiler senin söylediklerine veya hareketlerine gülüyorlar ya o sen komik olduğun için değil gerizekalı olduğun için
Holy crap...no words honestly wtf is wrong with our world https://t.co/DviDhYRo2F
NowPlaying Grateful - Canon https://t.co/EphxHA2b8Q 12:09
RT @RogerTharpe: Do not let race issues consume you. Keep your eyes on Jesus and walk holy. Pull others out the fire when you are able. Don't get consumed.