@blacksmoke1033 @transformers HOLY DAMN! This 100% should be a movie poster! 😍❤😍❤
RT @brand_fiend: Holy shit, people are stupid
@david_j_roth I'm not sure if you've addressed it in a Weak in Review, but holy shit am I glad there's no NBA lock… https://t.co/43ulcua9XY
RT @wheelswordsmith: holy shit guys 1933: King Kong shot rescuing woman 1933: Adolf Hitler elected 2016: Harambe shot rescuing child 2016: Donald Trump elected
HOLY COW THIS IS WILD. If you aren't watching Fox right now you're missing out.
84. VIXX – Six Feet Under Yes, yes, yes. Yes. (0:10-0:30, HOLY CRAP that's a good melody.) https://t.co/Oqp6I4RH5F
@SkerrenSkrungus thats pretty fuckign good holy shit
catherine zeta jones is so fucking beautiful in those movie like holy shit how did an actual angel appear on my tv?
Holy cow... couldn't be more true! I so wish for a pretty craft space but most of the times its trashed! Lol https://t.co/9ZQyQOKBPh
Genuinely trying to figure out why people started saying holy cow, is it like because they worshipped cows or is it because meat is good?
RT @WorldOfSinging: holy shit he's unbelievable 😍🔥 https://t.co/asLcox7v4j
RT @SHA_MILD_AFJ: แดซัง 4 ปีซ้อน อซ.เก่งมากหนูดีใจ งั้นแจกค่ะ!! 🍀 3ce 118 holy rose ฟอลก็ได้ไม่ฟอลก็ได้ สุ่มจากรีค่ะ #엑소_4년연속_대상… https://t.co/5jRu6Trlng