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If Holly steps down Fulmer should go after Geno’s assistant associate head coach Chris Daily or assistant Shea Ralph.
Goodnight I love pink floyd, metallica, the hoc gc, the yummy leaf gc, holly, taylor, all my mutuals, and emi + she is adorable.
RT @mefeater: Sending love & condolences to Megan Thee Stallion. The upcoming rapper just announced the loss of her mother, Holly… https://t.co/KThA69cCi1
You’re cruising for mischief and you’re likely to find it now.... More for Aries https://t.co/fe1k9aMlDu
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@_Hate_Holly_ I saw a box of 100 colored pencils with big fat coloring books at Walmart today. I want them so bad.
RT @KamalaHarris: Far too many Americans do not have access to the health care they need. Right now, one out of four diabetes patient… https://t.co/O0089SL4Gh
RT @shousandesuyo: ボドゲやTRPGの呼ばれたい名前を名乗って遊ぶ文化、僕は好きだな。 そうして性別や年齢、職業や肩書き、境遇や国籍さえ超えてゲームで遊ぶ、楽しい時間をすごせるのは小さいけれど確かな幸せの1つだと思う。
RT @tjdus2942: ㅇㅅㅌㅍ 봄맞이 커튼 설치~ https://t.co/PWEuCwFk1v
One of the most racist comment I’ve ever heard on TV was” Kill everyone in China”from your show @JimmyKimmelLive Wh… https://t.co/9MeBvGKy1d
All that she’s done for him and he has the nerve to complain about smudgy paper?! I stan a queen who stands up for herself!!!
@andersem @ameseh @uhshanti @stephenjudkins And we've only begun to realize the damage done to the lending /constru… https://t.co/rGD5zyirR5
RT @krassenstein: I think this is a fair question. Why aren't all these Republicans who are gloating over the "Fantastic Mueller Rep… https://t.co/GwTbf8z2Of
RT @syrianting: If you ever wanna be humbled, ask your brother how you look
@balcom_holly @ameseh @uhshanti @stephenjudkins Yeah, that seems persuasive to me too - I’m not clear on his explan… https://t.co/vKFi34A5Ar
@miya_252525 もう、なんもない
Color only makes me happy in art. It makes me REALLY happy in art. I don’t like it on me tho. I likebwesring black and black only
@balcom_holly @uhshanti @ameseh @andersem @stephenjudkins I've read that some of the corporate landlords of detache… https://t.co/HhbEshpTbe
@koyuki_mni ブログの「やだん」がかわいいんだけど(笑) 今日は、こゆちゃんたちLEVELさんの夢が叶う日! 楽しみにしてるよー♪(≧▽≦)
Shop #NobleApparels #eBaySeller Newly Listed #Fashion: J Crew Holly Linen Jacket Women's Sz 2 3/4 Sleeve Beige Meta… https://t.co/PLO0S7pZsO