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Holiday Decor the Return on Investment
RT @hrtbps: Ahh man, I hate it when you're the Home Secretary and while you're on holiday, some racist vans get approved even t…
Anyone need/want a hotel in Liverpool this coming bank holiday? Booked the wrong weekend, and can’t get a refund. #bellend
RT @VGArtAndTidbits: . @Hallmark has revealed they're releasing 3 Nintendo ornaments this holiday season! Mario (from Super Mario Kar…
I’m sorry but this level of heat is not the one in London! I can only hack these temperature when I’m on holiday and not moving!
RT @yulneck: throwback to 2013 when hyoyeon said she wanted to go on a holiday with yuri and called her "this thing" 😂
@HillaryWarnedUs This is some kind of national moron holiday.
@TUIUK hi I’m going on a holiday next Wednesday with you. The flight is with Thomas Cook. I can’t find where I comp…
@EricWasson11 @Taylor_Gang206 We coming to your town and ruining your holiday lol
@Holiday_GOT 이참에 왕겜트친소봇 하나 만들죠
Goals for this summer: 1) get that sweet money money 2) learn how to play holiday by doktor kosmos on my keyboard
My coworker tried to take off 4/20 and put the reason as a religious holiday
RT @FLOTUK: You’ll go on holiday with a black guy, a full blown baecation but his pictures will make it seem as if he did solo…
so many epidemics in this country "stop the "increasing epidemic" of impaired driving, a sheriff's office release s…
Gridiron Football: Frank Family and pear and delicately sweet tooth with holiday favorites. Two of Hamilton house garlic & herb cheese
RT @lbclarkson: @Letsoela_TP @Tricks_Dj @Sir_Lenox @EMc_MaAfrika @dacrazywife @djjacuzzi Oh man this is a schweet deal, taking her…
RT @360GolfHolidays: It's #COMPETITION time! #WIN a luxury Golfing holiday for two at the Five Star Quinta da Marinha Hotel! Simply…
This 2:30 meeting need to come on so i can start my holiday early 😬🙃
@ahnhell_12 Tell them it’s 420 eve!!! It’s a religious holiday.
RT @squirrel74wkgn: It’s a Holiday Inn Express pool, not an Olympic training facility...bro.
RT @lesbihayley: it's been 7 years since stella yamada aka hayley kiyoko invented lemonade mouth happy national LGBT holiday
420 tomorrow ! You know I got the day off for my favorite holiday 🍁