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RT @BeWarmers: Man City fans to Joe Hart... https://t.co/VPT5jTAtj9
@BobBobbins1 Well, I think in most cases it's gonna be 17/18 year olds, and probably most refugees no more than a few years older.
@Any_Old_Holborn nope but if they admit they're 20 they won't end up at school sitting next to 14 year old girls
@BobBobbins1 And I'm not bothered if a physically mature 17 year old has to seek asylum in France either. I fended for myself at 17.
Busy old day, from Conscious Leadership in Holborn, to Social Housing in Soho finished by Sustainability in FM in Southwark.. #lovemywork
@Any_Old_Holborn someone saying he's 14. Quick look. Wisdom teeth. Full of shit. Easy win. Govt are complicating a simple issue.
Had fabulous time at informal @RPCLaw alumni party. Lovely people + walk down memory lane Holborn to Charing Cross lots changed & lots same👍
@BobBobbins1 IMO, I don't mind if we let in a few 20 year old refugees with family here.
@BobBobbins1 Broadly that's typical, but they can come in anytime between 17 and 25, if ever.
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@Any_Old_Holborn dentist on radio today "you have wisdom teeth?, you're over 20"
@dobbs_steve Holborn is a fascist for challenging your prejudices? What age are you? Ten? @SuperOldHolborn @XxPLWxX @zaranick1
RT @Pranias: ένα δίλιτρο καφέ και μισό κιλό Old Holborn. Ευχαριστώ. https://t.co/FYvRkPmQEt
@BobBobbins1 @JamesDelingpole I've just been checking, most people do have them. Turns out I'm either a genetic freak or an Eskimo.
RT @Pavlos_C: -άναψε μια φωτιά με τα κλαδιά να ζεσταθούμε -καπνός old holborn είναι
RT @GreatWarLondon: WW1 soldiers from Holborn and West Ham, with wrongly-marked graves, laid to rest - https://t.co/vGpSsI947z
Flora just made her promise at the division meeting! Big congratulations to her and 3rd Holborn Guides 😊… https://t.co/4SvOZYwd3m
@Any_Old_Holborn @JamesDelingpole my wife has none at 53 but you can also tell she's not 17
@BobBobbins1 @JamesDelingpole @e_eshn Guaranteed even, but what if they don't. Not everyone has wisdom teeth.
@Any_Old_Holborn @JamesDelingpole @e_eshn it's a reliable pointer. A "17yr old" with grown Wisdoms is likely to be 20
RT @Pavlos_C: -άναψε μια φωτιά με τα κλαδιά να ζεσταθούμε -καπνός old holborn είναι
@Any_Old_Holborn @MayorofLondon Yes all users of Oyster get a discount over cash fares.
@DirectorSERG @MayorofLondon I thought, when I looked into it, there was a discount for Oyster card users.
RT @Pavlos_C: -άναψε μια φωτιά με τα κλαδιά να ζεσταθούμε -καπνός old holborn είναι