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RT @CHWaterWar2018: Brian Hobbs is eliminated by Alyssa Restom!! This video says it all. https://t.co/kVWj24mrkc
RT @garyhobbstejano: Looking forward to our Tejano Memorial Weekend Bash @herrera’s Tejano in Channelview,Tx this Saturday May 26th! Joi… https://t.co/MUa7NuQgXa
@LaceyLorenzo933 Come on Rachel Hobbs still waiting on my money your trying to scam me out of for custom I paid for… https://t.co/Xr2LKIvR49
@krisoughton @nat_w1 @Oufton @paulalexleeds @klouhobbs don't think so. But I use ubersocial rather than the Twitter… https://t.co/g4l47hU7ve
Unight home group is on break and will not be meeting tonight. HG South is at Hobbs tonight.
‘Hobbs and Shaw’ Will Be More Grounded, Because That’s What People Want From a ‘Fast and Furious’ Movie?… https://t.co/rA0TwOCSp1
RT @Jeans_Stream: Have you ever heard the story of Darth Floof? https://t.co/XmPSRQmL59
#10: Russell Hobbs RHUCLF55 Freestanding 55cm Wide White Under Counter Larder Fridge, Free 2 Year Guarantee https://t.co/boL4NJXKbp
Combined Honor Guard for the 2018 New Mexico Law Enforcement Memorial. Teams included Santa Fe Police, Albuquerque… https://t.co/12n8Q2dWRW
@Jeremy_Hunt @DudleyGroupCEO @SiobhanJordan4 @ned_hobbs Diane - you asked what position she held - Matron and I’m proud she is in surgery!
RT @hobbspond: Smart, brave characters with real world problems who are usually in over their heads. Luckily, they have friends th… https://t.co/b8dYyeXQKM
RT @RomanKrautIII: When you poke the hornets nest of autism that is anime Twitter but can't handle their bants https://t.co/Elam7XrUts
@shaguftaguides @Kath_Math @bycLIVE Please submit evidence! It’s really important that we capture the barriers to g… https://t.co/PRLT6kXVBQ
Big thanks to @NCCU_Football and @CoachGC_Hobbs for visiting Washington and showing interest in Pam Pack football players!
RT @NFLMAVERICK: Happy birthday to former #Raiders WR Daryl Hobbs, May 23, 1968. https://t.co/SjhkLyP8Am
RT @RealJamesWoods: This was one incredibly brave officer, to have taken on four vicious thugs single-handedly. This is a terrible trag… https://t.co/twNI0Pu4aE
@RealJamesWoods So sad for this policewoman. I hope he is tried as an adult and gets death penalty
RT @OxfamFashion: Did you know brands like @Van_Dal_Shoes and @Hobbs_London can be #foundinoxfam? It’s a great place to look this… https://t.co/8FtakVsiTB
RT @reginagjuravcaj: This isn’t a joke. Please spread the word and stay safe... https://t.co/75gP9v3U7f
RT @champagnekat_: homie in the green romper...what you doin out here w with all this ass? damn, double cheeked up on a monday afterno… https://t.co/xaOAGY1ce8