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RT @BraddJaffy: This town is overwhelmingly Trump country—high support for his immigration policies. Then things hit close to home.… https://t.co/sS0AcRV0FU
Wassup with them R&B beats, I been getting some on ones but I need a hit. Email them to DoubleDThaCollegeKid@gmail.com
$XON hit a buy-trigger again. If that's your thing then go for it.
@Cosmis @ManuclearBomb @HamadZal and then the hit of the overworld theme at 1:24
RT @trvo513: My man @stz9483 hit a shot at school 😂 https://t.co/vSE6QvBCJ2
RT @drewbolado: hit the ground o verdadeiro hino injustiçado https://t.co/cybMbENLVG
People love contributing to crowdfunding projects once they hit their goal right? WOO https://t.co/YKVCVRevy2
I have a scar on my jaw because I got hit with a hockey puck at basketball practice https://t.co/zDsOORb917
Buffett boosts Apple stake, Tesla hit with sell rating, Walmart could ignite price wars https://t.co/gzojpvGdnu
When it's 1 am and Netflix drops the hint that it's bedtime and I hit "continue watching" anyway https://t.co/W3R5ClpXkU
Oscars Drop to 32.9M Viewers,Takes a Bigger Hit With Younger Set. *Soon will be online only(IMO). https://t.co/XiyozWB74l via @THR
RT @oak_leafs: Boyle has $455,556 remaining cap hit on a deal ending this year. Nothing to lose.
Congrats to Wake Forest baseball's Gavin Sheets was named ACC player of the Week, had 3 home runs and 16 RBI in 4 gms. He hit .588 last week
RT @RichCimini: Tim Tebow is a batting-practice hero. Just hit four homers in a span of five pitches, including two opposite field. #Mets
'Moana' Star Auli'i Cravalho Gets Hit In The Head During Oscar Performance, Still Kills It - The Huffington Post https://t.co/XhC36ZEDdS
RT @mitchellvii: The media is like the playground bully who hits you and when you hit back, goes crying to the teacher that you started it.
RT @GonzaGravano: Es una bestia 🙌🏼 Justin Bieber - Full Performance - Live at Fox FM's Hit The Roof. https://t.co/ivBkCpbPmi
RT @thejudijames: I think I hit the screen on Celebs Go Dating tonight! On a Bear hunt!
RT @SpecialKMB1969: Ratings: Oscars Hit 9-Year Low — Can the Downward Trend Be Reversed? Ya, if they stick to acting PERIOD #Oscars… https://t.co/nWbhxb1Lvf
RT @AlenAlbinovic: New hit song 'Hop Hop' now available on @YouTube Lyrics: Alen Ruvic Music: Ozan Çolakoglu, Tarkan Arr.: O. Çolakoglu https://t.co/pjiIHUgTSO
Love when people park close to me then almost hit my car with their door🙃
RT @frstloves: karmys are concerned abt the japan tour bcs now is the right time to hit the europe, even they know it when will bi… https://t.co/1qJAhZHRjR
For anyone who says you need strength to hit homeruns, look at Mookie Betts. Clean swing means fast hands and he hit 30 homers last year.
They hit this shit 😂😂😂😂😂 @Caliboii8 https://t.co/VU7pyFS3Pb