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RT @Isles_Inc: Watch more Discovery and History channel
Watch more Discovery and History channel
Quando tuo padre è una rockstar di fama mondiale che ne ha viste tante, la storia può davvero essere un viaggio!… https://t.co/iDLCWK1XVl
RT @fgvpapandrea: @history_channel stasera tutti gli juventini incollati alla tv
@seanseaevans he's the host of Doomsday on History channel, not to mention a great person and he fears nothing spicy. Plus a paleontologist.
RT @Team_Travis: Travis Fimmel to star as Wyatt Earp in History Channel’s new anthology series (about sinners and anti-heroes):… https://t.co/T5n6tw3ynu
RT @digitalsat_it: #BlazeHD in esclusiva da Sky sul canale 119 a partire dal 22 marzo https://t.co/v57RbhvJdz @history_channel @CI
RT @tvzoomitalia: Blaze: il nuovo canale maschile al tasto 119 di Sky #blaze @history_channel @AETV @AENetworks @CI_Italia https://t.co/hA8o9r8MVX
@history_channel stasera tutti gli juventini incollati alla tv
RT @FrancescoCoccoT: Domani non perdetevi #Bersani a History Channel: "Hitler fu argine a Nazionalsocialismo".
anybody else is having issues with @SlackHQ today, to retrieve a channel history? ps.: that happens on web and on desktop app too :(
RT @ToxicHula: @damonrunyan @HISTORY BAD move History Channel. On par with SOA. Promote,advertise, don't drop it! Great show in the dumper. Disappointing!!
Who needs the Natural History Museum when you can go to the Discovery Channel? @ Discovery… https://t.co/YJBQOKjYnD
RT @AmericanHSBr: O canal History Channel produziu um documentário chamado Return to Roanoke: Search for the Seven, que será exibido… https://t.co/cyN9Tb6Y7y
RT @metro_land: ITV boss unaware of channel's own history. Inspector Morse began in 1987 not 1992. https://t.co/jrlTCFoGgm
RT @WeapnHuntrPaul: BIG NEWS UK FANS! The Weapon Hunter will air Thursdays @ 10pm starting MARCH 9th only on The History Channel (UK) https://t.co/hqOYeU4w11
history channel is lit af fam
. @3ChicsPolitico Things like this are discussed in a History Channel series "The '50s" from 1997...
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/I6X9NIOu8u Rommel - History Channel Series Part 3 - "The Conspirator"
@HISTORY Come On! Pulling Gangland undercover? TIRED old shows = swamp and pawn junk. GU only reason to watch H channel. Gross mistake HC! 😠
@KatsJonouchi Channel 1 in Russia seems really strategic in making Ukraine look bad by sending her, knowing her history in crimea
Want to watch as history is made? Tune in to the Figure Skating Channel #figureskating https://t.co/fEZqNZ1csh