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RT @pbb_teamkisses: Suportahan natin si Kisses bilang si "Baby" sa Titig ng Pag-ibig! https://t.co/7BjjfFe9xp
RT @xForeverxAlways: If you think it can't get worse just think about Skye getting attached to her fake life and not wanting to leave Ward behind
RT @grey_jarvis: one flew over the cuckoo's nest (1975) - intense look at cruelty in a psychiatric ward - shows the fragility of hum… https://t.co/PAnxwgp1jw
The fact one of the missionaries who taought me, got transferred back into Rio Rancho and into the other ward I go to, Is pretty sweet! 🤘👀
RT @TanongKoToSayo: Sinong may mali, taong paasa o taong umaasa?
@itslial ward para que cumplas :P
(إنهم إن يظهروا عليكم يرجموكم أو يعيدوكم في ملتهم ولن تفلحوا إذا أبدا) [الكهف:20] https://t.co/O9HNnhxNku
RT @jeremyburton: The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspire… https://t.co/53uU2zzjnG
@ItsLogie don't really matter too much, as long as the south ward is packed out then the atmosphere would be the same, everyone else is just
RT @Harry_Styles: Thank you so much to everyone that voted for the BRIT award tonight, your support is unbelievable. Always has been. Thank you, Love you. H
@sjggraham A couple centuries ago in Scotland they used to place a Bible near the door to ward off demons and banshees.
اللهم لاتريني بأمي وابي بأساً يبكيني ..
Mainkan Final Piala Liga Inggris, James Ward-Prowse Minta Dukungan Fans https://t.co/aGsEgMFxhw https://t.co/W1dAC6k4wO
I don't even care.
RT @FrederickARuss: Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. ––William Authur Ward https://t.co/oMCwIBUCIL
Tidbits From TNT Wednesday Morning TNT:Iko Ward : Forex continues it's new Dinar pattern of 1120/1173 spread https://t.co/HjBhnYWLFp #dinar
I love peanut butter
Shout out to Swift Ward.
Decided not to straighten my hair and wear my afro out tonight with hopes it would ward off ppl. It didn't. Ppl thought it was cute 😑 fail.
RT @girlposts: THIS IS WHY WE HAVE TO PROTECT DOGS AT ALL COST https://t.co/nj7s6joIIt
RT @UNICEF: Goanar, 10-months-old, recovering at a malnutrition ward in #SouthSudan where famine has been declared. You can hel… https://t.co/a2gQ3xdzCq