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RT @RossforTaunton: Always a good sight to see support for #LibDems and @RossHenley in the Blackdown ward. No surprise with track recor… https://t.co/IFmWZ1fGMV
Today's evening shift was much improved by the arrival of a small chihuahua wearing a jumper to the ward! Cuddles all round
@Dmooa_AL_Ward @M_Jarallah الذيب علوم ساهر من الطايف للرياض
金の正しくない用途で、私が最も心配するのは、人に好印象を与えようとして、使うことである。【ビジネスマンの父より息子への30通の手紙 新潮文庫より― G.キングスレイ ウォード,G.Kingsley Ward p.112】感謝☆
RT @BradThor: See this man? @ScottHarvath is an amazing husband, father, and NYPD officer. He's battling cancer. Please RT + let… https://t.co/5xG7rDkRuL
@icod which ward is he on ? I feel like someone should send flowers
@sambakerrrr we have a ward e Xmas party on mate if they don't turn up we will put it on for you x
༺❃༻ COVER RE-REVEAL ༺❃༻ Sins of Sevin by Penelope Ward: Author has a new cover! Cover Photographer: Scott... https://t.co/6AoSd1z0Kj
#NowPlaying Ward Thomas - Guilty Flowers | Listen Live at: https://t.co/wWrC2VtKRb
Wind Chill Advisory in effect from 6 PM for Slope, Stark, Stutsman, Ward, Wells and Williams Counties #ndwx https://t.co/qOHxyjAQGG
RT @NahazDota: .@Cr1tdota's ward at the Dire secret shop, placed at 51:31. Rapier was purchased at 52:23, Blade Mail 11 sec later… https://t.co/POcT6IzldK
RT @CompleT_Esport: C'est donc @CyborgFR @MattsuFR et @G_Meska qui rejoignent @NsL_WarD au sein de notre équipe COD pour les qualificat… https://t.co/PDzr0OTJZ7
@wardkamilya1 ممثلة الجزائر الوحيدة #ArabIdol المرجو منكم التصويت رقمها 15 راح نكون بهذا الهاشتاك #Kamilia_Ward https://t.co/KCdespDOny
RT @FoxNews: Stocks finish record-breaking week; Dow nearing 20,000. https://t.co/LqOaX0ZX5k
Ward Thomas. It always amuses me that there's an alt-country act that shares a name with the former chairman of Yorkshire Television.
RT @GAFollowers: Only some people in Atlanta can read this in 5 seconds and understand completely. 😭😭😭 https://t.co/QUzqpIhwBN
@dream_s88 حلو انها موجودة في اكثر المجمعات
RT @ShaunKing: BRILLIANT comedic take on #BlackLivesMatter and the current state of America from Michael Che! Full special on… https://t.co/D5N9Zew97L
RT @LifeAsBros: "Your package is out for delivery" Me: https://t.co/FlldpnPr4W
Honda ほん田 Tsukemen Tokyo ramen street 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo https://t.co/mVPKYr66Nz
RT @AlziadiQ8: فيديو / تلاوة "نجدية" للشيخ #مشاري_العفاسي من الحفل الترحيبي بـ #الملك_سلمان في #دار_الأوبرا_الكويتية… https://t.co/Yanus381dV
RT @Shoshweeetx: Shout out too the girls like me who try the messy hair look to be sexy but end up looking like a patient who escaped from a psych ward.
@fati__a تلاقي الخير 🌸