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RT @jenna_morr: Want to know who is having a hell of a game? Elvis. Hines. #IMGFam https://t.co/ZNWH3ZgjKl
RT @JustReIatabIe: when he's great at first and then slowly begins actin up 🤔 https://t.co/dk7EXRumKy
@OrlandoCountySC @OrlandoCitySC only reason I would keep 1 of Hines/Mateos if I HAD to (please no) is that he could do fine with a Besler.
RT @TracyDeLopez: If you don't know Emmett Till's story, it's time to learn so you can understand how horrifying this is. https://t.co/Piar5HGeKt
Join the Department of Veterans Affairs team! See our latest #job opening here: https://t.co/q4bqnb5dLi #Physician #Hines, IL #Veterans
@FixtureWire @OrlandoCitySC I'm done with Hines and Mateos. Mateos has seen some improvement but the money is just too much. Hines is a joke
We're #hiring! Click to apply: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder -... - https://t.co/nEglJRO5L3 #Job #Hines, IL
RT @MBASports1: LCC... proves me wrong. Congrats on the big W over San Marcos.
@OrlandoCountySC @OrlandoCitySC hard decision, I wouldn't lose Alston he is a good back up. Shea too much $$$. Hines/Mateos both horrible.
RT @HornyFacts: never make your girl feel like this: https://t.co/SOXF16BX6A
RT @Carl_Richie: Let's not fall victim to the attractive attacks of the enemy. #OATM90days @tiffany_richie @Valmit88 @agoodrich11 @TheMountBishop
RT @darla_sue: TY Chris and Valerie Mitchell for taking your turn and praying with Power and standing in your Authority!! #OATM90days
RT @greghyman718: Don't get worked up because u were wronged. Pray! Even if u can't quite articulate your feelings, GOD knows. He saw it too.
RT @agoodrich11: Day83 TY Team Mitchell @Valmit88 @TheMountMOH for breaking the cycle of unbelief for 1032 households @TheMountBishop @eldervkbrown
RT @AllIDoIsWin7777: When we step outside of trusting u. We allow the enemy 2 chase us out of your presence. In the tough times we look to U & Trust in the blood
RT @Alimarcia: Thank you @Valmit88 & Bro Chris for that fervent prayer this 83rd day! Indeed the POWER of GOD has fallen! Blessings to you and your family!
Listening to The Morning Cup of Jazz with Keith Hines streaming from @KCSM San Mateo.
A year ago today our @TheMountBishop and @eldervkbrown received the "Nehemiah Award" for our new Children's Wing… https://t.co/HkW3AoWiU1
RT @SannaHines1: Stealth Moves 15-day sale! 99c https://t.co/e9vToLiX9f "Twists, turns, and surprise. Sanna Hines delivers" #CR4U… https://t.co/VtRzE2Xumo
RT @RidersFootball_: Demontae Hines With A Series Of Shifty Moves And Hard Running With A 27 Yard Touchdown @DCSAASports @allmetsports… https://t.co/HwvR9UIidV
Join the Department of Veterans Affairs team! See our latest #job opening here: https://t.co/VKxKA3pEMx #Healthcare #Hines, IL #Veterans