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Just watched @winston_hines live and he said he’s living in lex right now. I’m just trying to take him on a date 🤔😍#BigBrother20
@hines_stephen Hi Stephen, sorry to hear this. Thank you for letting us know, we will make contact and look into it.
@McDonaldsUK Eating in your restaurant in George St #Croydon. It is filthy. Food waste on floor and surfaces. Bi… https://t.co/JjdOGxrupt
@sally_hines Those custard tarts are incredible
RT @KBowen1070: Liked this pre-snap look from Frank Reich. Three guys in the backfield all sent out into passing routes. Was able… https://t.co/fGN0S73CSy
RT @WVtourism: "Why West Virginia was the perfect setting for a new @Fallout game" via @verge https://t.co/awuWAchTaK
Still can’t get over the fact I asked someone if they had ever heard a song and they were listening to the exact sa… https://t.co/loJDmsgHI8
Truly dumbfounded
RT @Cauble: Great to see LSU OL Garrett Brumfield @thisisbruiser back at practice today, Coach O says he's not ready to go yet,… https://t.co/NfkUYSM73o
RT @xc8lyn: ariana grande literally lost 22 fans at a concert last year, lost her ex boyfriend, and now just broke up with her… https://t.co/oe15OXp5bU
RT @EdgarRawdon: It’s officially get in yo car and yell “SHIT” season 😂
RT @MattiWhatever: if you ain't tryna do this with our kids I don't want you https://t.co/FuAkbmXAph
RT @xvvvier: y’all really be pulling all nighters to study?? if i don’t know it by 12 then i just don’t know it lmao
RT @kylaaaaaaaa___: These bitches be dumb
RT @ovogoodpeople: 6LACK - Pretty Little Fears ft. J. Cole🔥🔥 https://t.co/Saw0hEVcoH
@iamgurugray need a running back. Ito smith Peyton barber or mike Davis off the waiver ? I have kamara and Hines and freeman.
@PRConservative1 P.S I am a Proud Hines 57 Cracker! LOL! PROUD AMERICAN PATRIOT #1! 😉
@Kingmen1024 @FFB_247 I'd go Watson then Kamara and Crowell at RB with Cooks, Hines, and probably Kearse as the flexes. Tough call though.
RT @LEX18News: Take a look at these pictures of little Eden Hines. Her mother sent these photos to LEX 18. They were taken at the… https://t.co/OirVcf9atO
RT @gender_dystopia: @sally_hines Oh look! A question designed so that woman cannot offer their perspective. Did you write the consultation questions too?!
RT @solohour: 472: Hines Ward – From Steelers Pro Football MVP to Solopreneur [BEST OF] https://t.co/UZF9OXanxZ #entrepreneur… https://t.co/u78u43jMYR