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@gautamverma23 Modern Family and HIMYM.
#HIMYM @BarneyStinson I dig the bro - mhh, book, I dig the bro-book. https://t.co/50BuOuXBP4
Hey les amis, j'ai bientôt fini New Girl,'et j'ai adoré HIMYM, auriez-vous des séries à me proposer dans le même genre ? Merci 😘
Nothing good happens after 2am should of been nothing good happens after 1am #HIMYM
Habré visto HIMYM como 5 veces Adivinad qué me apetece ver Exacto, HIMYM
Quero ativar o Netflix pra retomar HIMYM
@TTbugattii HIMYM!!!!! That was a brilliant season.
@kaichen04 @Jetgirl2113 Neil patrick harrison is gay but that didnt make him playing barney stinson in himym less believeable
RT @itsHIMYMquotes: I’ve loved this picture forever 😂 #HIMYM https://t.co/Qf5XdIdcAP
1am and i can't stop thinking of the fantastic music in HIMYM at diff points of Ted's relationships like they reall… https://t.co/2wEKCSH7Tt
That drunken beat-boxing episode in HIMYM was my favorite 😂...Still cracks me up everytime😂😂😂 https://t.co/xrJ0v5AANq
I was always Friends > HIMYM but ugh after rewatching HIMYM, it’s a freaking tie!!!!!!!!!! I’m so attached to the H… https://t.co/Vz6jxROBmW