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@piersmorgan @WalkerSkyNews Summer's last much-hyped Trump interview was trumped in the ratings by a Have I Got New… https://t.co/6sRSjJAJy6
@2di2d @cpeedell @LawlorEajlawlor @BBCNews HIGNFY solved that with a tub of lard!
How can the #BBC be biased towards the right ? Have you seen #hignfy ?
@Frieda_M I have the dept. of peas cookbook, as featured on HIGNFY. Yay peas.
@schtinkhousen To get to sleep, will you be counting sheep and if so, can you tell the difference between . . . . . 🐑 😂
@HIGNFY Now I can sleep Goodnight
@schtinkhousen That's Britain for you. Anything that is black and white is a cow even though it may be male. They s… https://t.co/W5JBD6JfSi
@HIGNFY No.... a cow is female.... repeatedly they said he but referred to the animal as a cow
@electricdouglas @qikipedia Cruelty is like when they used to spray hair spray into rabbits eyes but medical experi… https://t.co/ZWz8Vt6q1s
@schtinkhousen A cow is a female that has had at least one calf. A heifer is a female that has not yet had a calf;… https://t.co/Og0c7sPyiB
@MaryCreaghMP Can anyone find the clip from #HIGNFY a few years back. An mp (who I forget) was trying to explain… https://t.co/PqxGugMZ9g
@HIGNFY @qikipedia You're right but as a committed vegetarian I still have reservations. I'm for necessary experime… https://t.co/W4wpKrZSne
the last televised broadcast before the fascists take over will be Ian Hislop incredulously saying "fam" on HIGNFY,… https://t.co/JzErsYN4Vo
@BBCNews It means that #HIGNFY should be pretty decent this week!
@HIGNFY I thought cow was female Bullock or steer being the male .No I haven’t slept since friday
@thee_vendetta_ @scoobiemoo @tquattro4 @BBCEngland Wonder what she said that was so bad 🤔 Haha 🤣
@thee_vendetta_ @scoobiemoo @tquattro4 @BBCEngland Well that ruined that pointless discussion lol
@qikipedia People need to remember that without finding out these things using animals etc, their loved ones wouldn… https://t.co/PcpXxCUxOa
@HIGNFY @scoobiemoo @tquattro4 @BBCEngland Lmao did she actually get banned what the fuck 😂
@DavidVidecette He’s hasn’t ultimate control. The hopeless PM is making the decisions on Brexit...and that means u… https://t.co/CvLeMDrgc7
@MeilyrW I haven't watched live TV for well over a year. Just HIGNFY on catch-up and the odd film on Netflix.
I watch #HIGNFY for up-to-date analysis of current affairs, I watch #newsnight because it is a brilliant satirical political comedy.