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RT @Gurmeetramrahim: #InspiringHKNKJ Craze among fans knows no bounds! Everyone on a patriotic high!! Ultimate enthusiasm. Blessings! https://t.co/uypmzBvntq
RT @wow_ko: TEENTOP、ニューアルバム「HIGH FIVE」ジャケット写真公開。その2。 「TEENTOP」の韓流LIVE: https://t.co/R5uy2e7BaC https://t.co/d6ijOS5cHs
RT @SouthernHomo: When high school turns to college https://t.co/eKUkG7vsuG
RT @ABC: Severe storm brings gigantic hail to parts of Oklahoma and Texas, delivering heavy rain and winds as high as 65 mph… https://t.co/yZQT5ZSwI9
RT @pecesiqueira: Twinkle twinkle little star I want to hit you with my car Throw you off a tree so high Hope you break your neck and die
RT @ornerynana: Father of Maryland high school rape suspect arrested by ICE https://t.co/azn9MqTwBJ via the @FoxNews Android app
RT @baelaani: Tb to when I was high and noticed my shadow looked like Rihanna https://t.co/Szikxu5Ipc
RT @FoxNews: Father of Maryland high school rape suspect arrested by ICE https://t.co/lIK94dIb2K #FOXNewsUS https://t.co/TX4kgOSJZm
RT @ChiIIVlbes: Just know that whatever you’re going through is only temporary. After all, everything is only temporary. Keep your head up high 🌞
Here Are The Nation’s Healthiest And Unhealthiest Housing Markets-Housing remains in high demand in most of the na. https://t.co/T9EVsqmZfZ
RT @Raptors: 6ix straight dubs. DeMar finishes w/ a game-high 36 while Cory adds a 15p, 13a double-double. #WeTheNorth Stats:… https://t.co/TAv5YvnrI6
RT @stltoday: Zika risk may be high in St. Louis and St. Clair County, SLU researchers say https://t.co/hzmcY6R0Fc
RT @hoijim: Limestone's Zoey Smith is the greatest indoor high school softball player I've ever covered! Two bombs today at th… https://t.co/TSm9mqcIp1
Taking a walk down a dark road in South Miami only means one thing... We're seeing how high we can all karate jump. #JustinsLastDayOfFreedom
Piano playing pic, very high up, but lovely listeners! #dizzyheights @YorkPianoMan https://t.co/QYmSZatxf5
RT @LadyBugAssassin: I have had a man with a high school diploma tell me that he only dates women with college degrees because he wants a woman about something.
Lord I don't have time for this childlike behavior so please pull me through these last 44 days of high school 🙏🏾
RT @trapgrampa: When you're high as fuck and can't decide if you should sleep or smoke more https://t.co/hTQHe4KtO0
High School never had my attention. Teachers couldn't teach me the way they want me to learn.… https://t.co/35P2XaYLT8
RT @mikandynothem: Stock Market is up. Border crossings down 40%. Consumer comfort 10-year high. Unemployment record low. Thus, Trump… https://t.co/f2pJYo2FnI
RT @chiIIjake: I'm high and can't stop watching this send help https://t.co/PpQzXk357e