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@Tidwell_45 Hi i'm hungry let's go eat
@TheGroCompany Hi, I'm due my first baby in 2 weeks & would love to work with you! Can I ask who your PR contact is please? x
@mogirl97 I'm just so ducking sick of people's romantic ties to our favs being used to destroy them emotionally. Hi I'm over it
RT @ItsAlexisSimone: Hi I'm bored in study hall so favorite for a dm 💖😘
Me & Cynth walk into a hospital and went to the front desk Cindy: hi I'm here to see a doctor Lady: We don't have doctors here ????¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Comment for: 12 week old male guinea pig . Hi I'm interested. My son wants to know if purrs and talks (sweeks and c… https://t.co/MXHOcjXKev
Hi I'm super gross and creepy
RT @Skoog2129: "Hi, I'm Carman! I like race cars, space, and football! History is my favorite subject, and I want to be a fire fig… https://t.co/bXbm8QIlaC
@yaboitomko Hi i'm chie satonaka and you're watching disney channel
Hi, I'm Todd Caninequeen. AAHHHH!!!
@TMobileHelp Hi! I'm trying to port a T-Mobile prepaid number to Google Voice, and it's asking me for a prepaid PIN... don't know it! Help!
*me walking up to hit on a boy* hi i'm ezra and my mom is my best friend how are you doing
Hi! I'm JHEM, vlogger, blogger and soon to be podcaster. Currently in Austin, TX but originally from Louisiana! #BGBChat
hi I'm stressed
"Hi I'm Chenle, welcome to my crib" https://t.co/vmtt920GX7
Hi I'm Lisa a blogger from NYC. I. Blog about my struggles and different topics #BGBChat @BrownGirlBlogs
RT @mulvihilledwine: hi I'm your local fortune teller and the crystal ball is telling me that ur a heckin' cutie ✨ https://t.co/8MMePpIa3X
RT @beccahallstedt: Hi! I'm a concept/texture artist seeking full time opportunities for June. Attending GDC, willing to relocate, usua… https://t.co/BdottACIDF