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@DSJamie_ i haven't tweeted you in a while so heyyy! i miss u
Heyyy, I'm back
Heyyy...I'm back with a post where I give my answer to a question frequently asked! please read my post to know more https://t.co/jMZO9wsWZc
Heyyy I've seen the videos you uploaded singing and... — I'm not sure if I will post an official cover becau... https://t.co/J8gC0Fyvpa
RT @sherilw62: Heyyy, I cant help but to say, still looking both ways on a one way street♥↔♥ https://t.co/q8oBuOLV6v
@YopJoyah heyyy i usha you punya story . pergi matey eh ? hiks 🙈
@em4ryu @EyesOnRYU heyyy i would like a Junyeol calendar!
@LeMrKindness heyyy, I hope you didn't forget about me again!!! )):
Heyyy I'm missing my year 1-4. I got my 5 and 6... who's holding back🤔 I'm jealous! But congrats work fam😃 https://t.co/45a59E0TtY
everyone: heyyy I'm gonna write a book me: heyyy I can't even write a paragraph
@satanicjosh heyyy I really like your acc!! I think you're pretty amazing, have a lovely day/night xx
@DylanTheWither heyyy I have nothing to do 😒
@TacoBellChick Heyyy I miss you and I love you❤❤❤ call me sometimes
@GW2FanArt heyyy i know them ;)
heyyy i can only get on for like an hour or so after that ion kno when imma get back on so
@dysndysn heyyy I have a trumpet solo to do today & if u care, I'll let u know the score I got. this is my solo https://t.co/hftv3vk5Ny
heyyy i post daily ariana updates on @agbnewsalerts follow me ty 🙊
@StephenTries heyyy I'm sure everyone gets them!! I mean you could always vlog or do a challenge vid????
@JODYHiGHROLLER heyyy I messaged you on instagram I know u have hella peeps dm u....ive done two huge neon paintings of ur huskies 4 U!! ✌🏻
heyyy I miss youuuu. 😭
@shaymitch heyyy i just started watching pll and damn you're too hot 😍
@iamsrk Heyyy I'm so excited for Raees!!! All the love from Pakistan!xx❤
@LeeeMogale heyyy 💀😊 I'll disappear like your ex's chill hey 🙃